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Personal Advising Philosophy 

Advising Philosophy

To provide an honest perspective, not only solving issues for students but focusing on their career path. I am continually building industry connections that facilitate access to our students. This will continue to allow me to better understand the adaptability of the creative career and assist in guiding how each student can make better choices. I see myself as understanding, objective and a career driven department advisor. This structured advisement can allow students to get the most out of their time at City Tech. 

Advising Action Plan

I foresee a shift in the way I approach advisement. It should be more diligent and purposeful. How can I help students establish and navigate a clear path toward graduation and a creative career? My ability to understand the nuances of the audit and collaboration with college partners allows me to provide focused advisement. This means recognizing the student, their needs and goals in a continued respectful and approachable manner. I want to allow the students to gain confidence in their career decision making,  offering support and guidance along the way.

The connections that I bring into the department keep me up-to-date as to how the industry shifts and I can pass that along to our students. Advising should be a shared plan for success. As a new accredited department which is constantly evolving, I would like to alleviate any confusion with credit accumulation and focus on career goals.

  • Create a measured plan of action to establish a baseline
  • Welcome student and treat with respect
  • Allow time for a personal exchange of ideas

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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    I look forward to reading your final philosophy. Asking the question as you do, “How can I help students establish and navigate a clear path toward graduation and a creative career? “, will help you find what you wish to write.


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