COMD: Reflection on Scavenger Hunt

Did what I find meet my expectations?

I was surprised that there were no more welcoming signs or welcoming material throughout the college. And when signage WAS for a student, it was framed in a negative way.

The New Student Center did have a bulletin board decorated with an interesting timeline on what to do at different stages. This would be great to have for all to see (maybe it does exist). On the college website material seems to be there (Welcome, Admission, Steps to follow, etc)

One objective I will include in my department plan is…

For COMD to be known for a welcoming atmosphere for all. This will include signs that are more positive rather than just instructional.

What story is told through our collective photos/ screenshots…

I think there are good messages throughout, but there seems to lack of uniformity.  Perhaps a more uniform way-finding system will help students (even on TVS)

Namm bldg, 1st fl. Wayfinding to New Student Center

Welcome sign for counseling office

L Bldg, ground floor.

Academic Bldg, and most TVs in Namm

Advising Website

welcome page

path to graduation

advising degree checklist

advising resourses



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