My Personal Philosophy on Advisement – first draft

Advisement Philosophy                                            DRAFT  6/9/2019

Barbara Smith Mishara

Department of Architectural Technology

 In the Department of Architectural Technology, advisement occurs within a community of students, staff and faculty. Each with a personalized path to accomplish a professional goal. Advisement is a journey or continually developing process. For students this might start as simply getting through the semester, then achieving a desired GPA, completing graduation requirements, obtaining satisfying work or becoming a licensed architect.

For faculty the eventual goal may be publication, development of a new course or college wide recognition. For staff, it may be application of a new technology, development of a social media platform for the department or completion of a master’s degree.

Each person within the community is supported and guided by others.

Advisement is holistic and open to possibilities. I may never write a program for VR, but I can support and encourage a colleague who is working in this area.

Each person is an individual and must discover what interests and excites them. There are many ways to practice architecture.

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