Advisement Philosophy

The Advisement Experience

I believe the purpose of advising is to help students connect with the department, to visualize a path to their degree, and to commit to a level of accountability for their success.  As an academic advisor, I strive to be knowledgeable, resourceful and dependable.  As a member of the advising community I think it is important to stay informed of curriculum updates and program changes.  Each advisement experience includes the following interactions:

  1. Making a Connection – Advisor and student exchange introductions. Advisor seeks background information, major, what semester of study, do they understand what requirements they have to fulfill.
  2. Identifying the End Goal – Does the student have a long term plan? Can the advisor offer advice regarding the students’ goals.
  3. Identifying the Current Situation – Are there circumstances that affect the short term plan? Work, finances, family, etc.
  4. Establishing Accountability – Review the recommended pathway for the student and identify critical junctures along the path. The student should understand their role and responsibility in completing their degrees in a timely manner.
  5. Inviting them back – Advisors should encourage students to come back next semester and check the progress of the plan developed during this session of academic advising.

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