Scavenger hunt – refreshed perspective

Did what you find meet your standards?

Our standards have not been set and this exercised offered a new perspective in seeing our various department hallways. Searching for specific parts highlighted what is existing and how current students see the various signage.

What advisement goals will you set for your department?

Working with my colleague we will review what we have and seek to improve or enhance. There is a lot of good work that happens, but perhaps there is something new or additional we can add to further aid in student persistence and retention.

What story is told through your collective photos?

The collective photos illustrate the many ways departments are providing valuable information to the end users (students). Each area showed creativity and attention to detail in curating department stories. Clearly there is a lot of caring faculty working to support students.

1 thought on “Scavenger hunt – refreshed perspective

  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Yes, I feel we are doing a great job with welcoming students into the advisement process but learned during my walk around campus we have room to improve. I want to make our student’s success more visible.


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