Scavenger Hunt Reflection

For the scavenger hunt, we started out in Voorhees and I can say that the branding and signage is very good compared to the other buildings. However, it would be more beneficial if all of the buildings carried the same branding.

I used to wonder how students managed to “miss” advisement. During advisement, we put up a lot of signs but I can see now, that is just another piece of paper on the wall. To answer the question about, How widely known are the benefits of seeing an advisor? Who are we communicating this to and at what time/place? I would say that we are not doing a very good job identifying the Value of advisement.  I talk to my students in my class about it and during orientation but what about the students who don’t hear about it?

To reflect on, Did what you find meet your standards?  I can relate to students now.  I realize that we have an “expert blind spot” in advisement just as in teaching.  There is a lot more background information in our heads when we are explaining advisement options to our students.  We forget that from their point of view, it may not all make sense.




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  1. Prof. Karen Goodlad

    I think this walk around opened our eyes to seeing what is around us instead of just walking past stuff. I don’t stop read items on the walls often enough (though I do make an effort) so why should I expect students to do so? Maybe we should add images on the ground where they look so often or may inside lockers.


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