Scavenger Hunt

Post photos and reflections here. Choose four photos to represent what you learned/witnessed about how we communicate to students and faculty about advisement. Reflect on each photo by answering one question from the “Campus Scavenger Hunt” handout the one of the following.

Did what you find meet your standards?
What advisement goals will you set for your department?
One thing I will improve about my department’s advisement plan is…
What story is told through your collective photos?

Activity: Campus Scavenger Hunt, Return to faculty commons at __________________


Walk the halls and office spaces (if possible) of two departments in Voorhees and two departments in Namm as well as one general student use space.



How do we welcome students into the advisement process?

What are we saying to students about persistence and retention?

How do students know they should speak to an academic advisor?

Do student know what to expect when seeking advisement?

Are students informed about how to prepare for and advisement session? How do we know that? Why do they come?

How do we ensure students are receiving the appropriate challenge both academically and in a co-curricular setting?

What information about advisement is visible in our physical space?

What information about advisement is visible in our electronic space?

How widely known are the benefits of seeing an advisor? Who are we communicating this to and at what time/place?


Look for and photograph the following:


A welcome to students


Information about advisement


Information about how to find an advisor


Information about internships


Information about counseling


Announcements about opportunities to communicate with student leaders


Information about PDC/Student Life/ CUNY Service Corp/CSTEP/ASAP…



A space where students gather


A space for students and faculty to gather together


A space to learn


A space to relax


A message encouraging student success


Department identifier


A sign indicating a faculty office


A sign indicating a chairperson’s office


Activity: Electronic Scavenger Hunt

Using the list above, search City Tech’s website and capture images representing the items on the list, via screen shot and URL.

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