” My Creativity “

Completing this video did not only show me how much I’ve improved as an artist and a student, but how much I still need to improve. Aside from the challenges I faced, I learned more about myself while doing this project. I enjoyed every part of this process, from photographing my artwork, taking short videos, then putting them all together with the music to produce a well organized video about myself. I was very interested and passionate in every step of the project and really enjoyed creating this. I tried to not only focus on showcasing my artwork, but also edited in a way I thought best represented myself as an artist. The challenges I faced in making this video go along with what I need to improve as an artist and that is more practice, patience and learning. 

Samantha’s Self bio

My first year in New York City College of Technology I majored in Architecture Technology. I spent a year in the program and the more I was learning about architecture the more I realized this was not for me. For as long as I can remember, I was always a very artistic person. Since I was a child, I loved to draw, paint, make music, ultimately I loved creating things no matter what it was. Ever since, I felt passionate about art and believed art was whatever you wanted it to mean. Over years I developed my drawing and painting skills and picked up a hobby doing Special effects makeup. 

I made the switch to Communication Design this semester and although it’s only been weeks in, I’m feeling a tremendous difference and motivation I didn’t have in architecture. My goal is to become some type of graphic designer or illustrator for some type of media or commercial or even gaming. An occupation where I can utilize my skills in designing and creating. While in architecture, I felt as if I was going off track with what really made me passionate in life. I had to make the decision, doing what makes me happy or staying with what people were telling me was a great idea. I figured if i’m going to be committed to something for the rest of my life, I might as well be happy doing what I love, cause if not what is the point in it. 

Visual Quote Project