East New York, Brooklyn

On the Sunday that Sandy was suppose to get here I was in school working on a project. At around 5PM my sister calls that they are supposedly closing down all bridges at 7PM. I take the train to school so that was not the problem. I had to drive my mother to the Bronx. So i rush home and wait for her in the car. We stopped at a gas station to fill up but they were not selling gas (Didint want to sell or ran out of gas. I dont know) so we go to another. Then I make it to my mothers job in like about twenty minutes. It was around 6:10 PM when i dropped her off so i had time to make it past the bridge so i thought. The lines for the Eazy-Pass on the Whitestone are always longer then the ones to pay for cash. Since i knew this, and thinking that the bridges were going to close at 7, and not wanting to be stranded in the Bronx I got on the right hand side on the emergency lane and drove past the traffic. After I paid the toll I drove home. I parked my car in an area away from trees.

As the storm was going on i didnt really feel anything. Just sounded like alot of wind. When it was over I went out and only a few trees fell, some knocked over park fences but thats about it.


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