Portfolio Assignment #7 – Student Choice

For this assignment I chose to create an information inquiry letter in order to respond to the short report . It was challenging to create the specifications of the order and to manage to address a clear message.

Student Choice – Info Inquiry

Portfolio Assignment #6 – Short Report

I enjoyed working on this assignment. I have never worked on a report before. I learned to advocate for a change and I felt very confident detailing the need of the filing system for the department. I felt less confident motivating the assistant HR management. I was not clear on how to approach a motivation.

Short Report

Portfolio Assignment #5 – Persuasive Message

While composing this message I learned how to get the interest of the audience in participating on the internship for the paralegal program. One of the biggest challenges was to be able to present the benefits of participating in the internship program.

Persuasive Letter

Portfolio Assignment #4 – Negative Message

While working on this assignment I learned how to address a negative message within a business environment. One of my challenges was how to present bad news in sensitive manner and using good will.

Negative Message

Portfolio Assignment #3 – Informative Letter

This is was my less favorite letter. One of the greatest challenges was to address the customer complaint in a polite manner and explain the benefits of the new automated system. However, I learned to empathize with this type of customer, how to manage and approach this type of situations.

Informative Letter

Portfolio Assignment #2 – Authority Letter

I really liked reading Mr. Davis’ AUTHORITY letters. I never expected that a person would treat his employees how did. It would be insane to consider his letters as “business” letter. I struggle a little bit putting together this letter since I wanted to keep a professional approach in order to direct the matter.

Authority Letter

Portfolio Document # 1 – Lorem Ipsum Format Letter

It was my first time using the  Lorem Ipsum website; I was very exited and surprised how any letter can be created in Latin. I also enjoyed creating a format for the letter. At first I was not sure about the logo. I wanted to create something different but at the same time I wanted to keep it professional.

Lorem Ipsum Letter Template