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Workshop 1

  1. List 3 concepts that you expect students to have as prior knowledge when entering your course (for SPA 2202HS).

a) oral/ communicative skills in Spanish

b) ability to read in Spanish

c) experience using the language (Spanish) with native speakers


  1. List 3 concepts that you expect students to gain as new knowledge in your course.

a) understand and respect speakers from other Spanish varieties and different social backgrounds

b) spelling and grammar rules specifically customized for Spanish heritage speakers

c) the socioeconomic and sociopolitical importance of the Latino community in the US


How could this exercise help the transfer of knowledge from one course to another within your curriculum?

The curriculum must be built uniformly, establishing different and graduated stages of knowledge in the discipline. Focusing on the most important topics and learning outcomes of the course is key, as well as the assessments of those contents. When students have acquired this knowledge, they will be able to transfer this to their next course and use this prior knowledge to scaffold the learning of new concepts.