literary review: Notes CH 3 Thinking about Teaching and Learning: Developing Habits of Learning with First Year College and University Students by Robert Leamnson

This chapter focuses of the notion of Language within the context of learning. It argues that language and understanding are not mutually inclusive – in other words it leverages that a student may be capable of understanding a concept but that does not necessarily mean that he/she can articulate with words the idea. Still, Leamnson recognizes that language is necessary as a device for articulating thoughts/ideas and convening information. The article further exposes that as professors we must recognize that students, particularly first year students, language skill may not be adequate enough yet within in the context of their field of study. Therefore, ┬áit is not only our responsibility to help them develop critical thinking skills and strategies for learning, but also, we need to teach them how to properly communicate ideas by introducing, practicing, applying and reinforcing of Vocabulary.


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