Chapter 6 Respond


In chapter 6, the importance of mindset is discussed. One kind of mindset includes a fixed mindset. These kind of people tend to be inconsiderate of others success, avoid challenges and criticism, as well as give up easily. The other kind of mindset is known as growth, has qualities opposite to a fixed one. People with growth mindset are very motivational and show constant effort. This is important to discover and understand, because many students can either benefit or suffer with such a mindset. It would be quite beneficial to have all students have a growth mindset, so there academics flourish to success.

I find very interesting how many American mothers and children believe that innate abilities are more powerful than putting in effort into their education. Innate abilities are found more in mathematical studies as well, which is interesting.

A growth mindset can definitely help increase our retention rates due to the simple fact that this type of mindset has room for growth and learning. Students with this mindset can most definitely conquer and stabilize any course.

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