Ch.3 Responses

Do you use different teaching strategies for associate level students than for baccalaureate level students? Why or why not? The students that take surveying I are typically in their first or second year working towards either an associates or a bachelors degree. Because surveying I is an introductory course most of the students will not have had any prior experience so the playing field is level.

What is metacognition and what concept from the chapter resonates with you and why? Metacognition is being aware of the difference between active learning and passive studying and knowing how to get students to become active learners. (p.26)

What are other factors that might influence student learning?
Access to resources such as the internet from home so that students may check blackboard for assignments and other lecture materials.

How can metacognition help us towards our goal of increasing retention 5-10% starting in the fall?
By using teaching strategies that require active participation in the classroom rather than just lecturing, such as asking the students to paraphrase what you have said. This provides feedback to the teacher and the students that allows them to assess their own strategies.

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