Chapter 3

A few commonalities that came across in the posts from teaching and learning strategies include the ideas of student driven learning and accountability, assessment, application to practical examples, encouraging students to ask questions, and providing resources and examples that allow students to visualize the example.  As you are reading chapter 3, think about when you expect our students to become independent learners?  After you have done the reading, come back and post your answers to the following:

1.     Are your students at the associates or baccalaureate level?

2.     Do you use different teaching strategies for associate level students than for baccalaureate level students? Why or why not?

3.     What is metacognition and what concept from the chapter resonates with you and why? (identify the page number)

4.     What are other factors that might influence student learning?

5.     How can metacognition help us towards our goal of increasing retention 5-10% starting in the fall?

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