1) Title 18-A sec 2-102, Maine Probate Code ; SUCCESSION AND WILLS states;

a) If there is a surviving spouse or registered domestic partner and issue, the first $50,000 plus the half of the remaining to the spouse or registered domestic partner. The remainder to the issue,

In NY Est., Powers and Trust Law, there are no provisions for a registered domestic partner to inherit from an intestate estate.

b) Title 18-A sec 2103 Maine Probate Code states, If there are no surviving spouse or issue, the entire estate goes to the parent of the decedent or split evenly if both parents are alive.

NY Est., Powers and Trust Law is the same in there succession.

2) Title 18-A sec 2-503 Maine Probate Code states; A Holographic Will is valid, witnessed or not, if the signature and material provisions are in the handwriting of the testator, even if it does not comply with Title 18-A sec 2-502 which states the guidelines of Execution;

a) Shall be in writing and signed by testator or in the testators name by some other person in the testator’s presence and by his direction.

b) Signed by at least 2 persons each of whom witnessed either the signing or the testator’s acknowledgement of the signature of the will.

NY Est., Powers and Trust Law states three types of people can make these wills;

a) Members of the armed forces on active duty

b) Persons accompanying the military but are considered civilians

c) Mariners  which are people at sea

NY Est., Powers and Trust Law states; Armed forces and civilian wills are valid for one year after discharge. Mariners wills are valid for three years from the date created. These wills are not valid forever under New York State Law.

3) Title 18-A sec 2-502 Maine Probate Code states; Exempt Holographic Wills. Two persons must be witnesses to the Execution of a will.

NY Est., Powers and Trust Law are alike in the Execution process.

4) Lewiston, Maine is the second largest populated city in Maine. As of 2012 36,460 people reside in Lewiston, Maine. For more information go to

Isaacson & Raymond Attorneys and Counselors at Law is a general practice firm that handles Wills, Estate Planning, Probate, and Elder Law among other areas of law in Lewiston, ME. Isaacson & Raymond is the merging of two of the oldest and respected law offices in the city of Lewiston, ME.  For more Information go to

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6) Probate Court & Registry is located in the County Court House at 2 Turner Street, Auburn Maine, 04210. Unit 5  (207) 753- 2500.

Probate Court is held the first and third Tuesday of each month. The County Court House in Auburn, ME is the nearest location to Lewiston, ME that handles probate matters. For more information go to

7) To acquire a Associates in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies, a person will attend  Kaplan University (Lewiston, Maine campus) is located at 475 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, ME,  04240,  (207) 333-3300. Kaplan University is a well known online college that also offers on campus classes in many states.  The course requires a minimum of 90 credits to achieve the degree and can take 12 months to 2 years (full time) to complete it. The cost is  $280 per credit and the total cost of tuition for 2 years is $25,200 for the Maine campus. Kaplan University Paralegal Program is not ABA approved. The course curriculum can be found in the University catalog at but a break down of the Estates, Trusts, and Will course was not found but mentioned in the program overview. New York City College of Technology’s tuition is $2,865 per semester over a 2 year spam the total tuition is estimated to be $11, 460. City Tech’s Estate, Trust and Wills course can be found in the college catalog with a break down of the course go to

Part Two.

1) Hannibal Hamlin (1809-1891) born in Paris, Maine  Is one of the decedents honored in Maine with a statue.

2) Hannibal Hamlin statue and grave site is located in Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor Maine. Hannibal Hamlin was the 15th Vice-President of the United States from 1861-1865 under Abraham Lincoln’s term during the civil war. He was the first VP from the Republican Party. Before election in 1860, Hamlin served in the US Senate, House of Representatives, and was the 26th Governor of Maine for a short time.

From the beginning of his run in congress he was a major figure to stop the extension of slavery and Hamlin spoke against the Compromised Measure of 1850. In 1854 Hamlin apposed the passage of the Kansas Nebraska Act which repealed the Missouri Compromise.

Hamlin has multiple city and towns names after him; Hamlin, Kansas , Hamlin, New York , Hamlin, West Virginia , Hamlin Township , Hamlin, Lake Mason County, Michigan.

Hamlin has statues located in the United States Capitol, Norumbega Mall (public park). He also has two buildings in his name; University Of Maine Campus in Oron, Hamlin Hall and Hannibal Hamlin Memorial Library in Paris Maine.








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