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Hi everyone,

I am Sabbu Tandukar. This is my first semester at city tech and i am a hospitality management student. I am very passionate about this industry and willling get more knowledge about how things are operated in hotel industry. As i have been working at resturant for almost 6 years now, i really enjoy what i do. At first i started as a host, then cashier, server, bartender and slowly worked my way up to become a floor manager. Newyork is such a diverse city where you meet people from different places around the world.Ā  i enjoy how i am able to meet amazing people, basically my customersĀ  and how they have different taste. Being able to make them happy and feel comfortable by providing them good customerĀ  service and obviously delicious food makes me love my job more. Now i wanted to go out of my comfortzone and start my career in a hotel industry, but i have no idea where do i start and what to do. My goal is to work as a manager at hotel for food and beverage section. Taking hospitality management is like getting closer to my goals .