3D printing post


3D printing has gone a long way since they were first out. They have gotten so advanced that a whole neighborhood is in the process of being made just by 3D printed parts. One house could take a estimated time of 48 hours and cost around Only ten thousand dollars for a 350 square foot room. This could affect the world as a whole very much because if people who can’t afford to live now have a chance too.

These houses are being created by using plastic and reusable materials, this may sound cheap to some people but for someone with a low income this may be their only hope. These houses will first be set up in Latin America but hopefully are eventually a option to have them everywhere.

    I use to think of 3D printing on such a lower scale, thinking only small objects could be made but after ready this I feel in the future we will have any object being replicated by a 3D printing. The machines of 3D printers are also innovating by the machines becoming stronger and better but also smaller at the same time.



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poor quality video

The video is so pixilated  and choppy you cant even read the the text in the video. This would be due to the bit rate being to low, and the way the video was recorded was with a to high of a resolution for the persons computer, with a to low of a frames per second (FPS).

color theory

A red and yellow background makes the fiji bottle pop out more. Both colors are pleasant and welcoming. The yellow one is softer then the red background which makes it more pleasing.



The dark blue and green backgrounds are more subtle and blend better to create a more relaxing picture. The green background goes well with the bottle, it complements it. The dark blue  adds to the fiji bottle and helps it blend in.


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