Project Description

The main idea of this project is to have a quote with image that linked or represent the quote on way or another.


The point I want to go into this project is that of a group of friends go camping and talking around the campfire. I found this quote in the game I really like, and I decided that this is a perfect quote to use. I was thinking about choosing one from Harry Potter series since I was reading the book at the time of this project, but I decided to go with this one instead.

Visual Enhanced Quotes #1

The second one is more of an astronomy, looking at the stars and connecting them since human like to find pattern in nature.

Visual Enhanced Quotes #2

Last one is me working on the negative space of the art and using the whale as an outline.

Visual Enhanced Quotes #3


The inspiration of this project is from Night in the Woods video game, I really like the aesthetic and the art style of the game. You can find the artist on twitter @bombsfall.