Project Description

The main object of this project is to make more people recognized the instant camera that lost to time and forgotten since digital camera become the main method to take a photograph.


I actually like to use an instant camera; you can find more about it in my bio. Instant cameras are such a niche hobby today. You have to buy a camera (not that expensive) and film (the expensive part). The cheapest film is from Fujifilm, at around 80 cents a photo, and $1.80 for Polaroid. But why? Why would you buy all this when you can just pull out your phone and take a snap? Well, I can say when you take a picture with an instant camera, it’s more than just an ordinary photo. You have the impression that you have captured and frozen that moment on paper, rather than just a file on your phone. But a physical picture you can hold. Or maybe it’s just the nostalgia you get from using it. I made this poster so people can learn more about the instant camera and how fun and enjoyable it is to use.