While watching the Harry Potter Saga I noticed the theme song changing throughout the movies getting longer and shorter and vice versa. The change in scene or if a battle emerges the sounds become staccato to match every strike the enemy or hero makes. Short but powerful in every match weather it is a sport or the final scene in the movie, staccato makes its appearance. Legato would be used for long drawn out steps boring or some form of entertainment like dancing 0r bonding. Legato sounds like a flowing river or a path a car takes for a long drive, endless with many possible outcomes.

Staccato and Legato can give off different feels and patterns depending on the use of it. In my mind I see short bursts of fights and flashing lights. Think of a sharp turn or trapped in a maze trying to escape. Legato would be a very long walk or hike with turns but not immediate. Taking a sweet canoe ride in Venice or long walks on the beach, almost seeming never ending. Depending of your mood or what is being watched, Legato and Staccato can have different designs.

Harry Potter Theme Song