Journal Three

The environment of the company was a bit different than I thought. As it is a family owned business so most people at high position was related to each other. The owner was Jewish, so the environment felt more of like that. I have learned a lot about that religion in that company. The attire for this company was very formal. They work very professionally and also they are top of their time, always maintains time to time. They have given me option to dress us as casual or formal due to my pregnancy. So, when there was a meeting I have dresses up formally and when there was no meeting or anything I would just dress up casually. There was one cabin for the owner which was private room with a door, one conference room with the door for meeting, one open conference for group work, and there was one big room with 3 desk: one desk for the merchandiser, one for the senior designer and another for the junior designer. And one desk in the front for the receptionist. One open room like a rectangle shape for the accountant. Everyone worked full time from 9am-5pm. Owner and the accountant was was there at the office from 8:30am – 11am or sometimes 12pm. As I was a part time internee I had different schedule from all f them. Everyone had their lunch time by 1pm-1:30pm everyday.