Journal Two

I was at a designers position but helping Mathew was my main job. Mathew was a junior designer at sportswear. My supervisor was Esther Aabadi, who was a senior designer at the company. The senior design was a relative to the owner of Sportswear. So, my father owns a buying house here in NYC so he supplies goods at wholesale price to Sportswear company. I talked with my father if I could get a job as a designer in that company. My father talked with the owner and  I have submitted my resume, cover letter and portfolio to the company. after few days I got response and got a call from the owner for the interview. I went to the interview on 19th feb and it held at the office in Manhattan. I was interviewed by the Solly, Esther and Mathew. The interview went about 25-35 minutes. They have asked me about my interest, my future plans, how long I am going to do the internship and what I have to offer for them as a designer.