Journal One

On 20th February it was my first day of my internship. I was doing my internship at Sportswear-Rainbow. Sportswear is the father company of Rainbow store. Sportswear is located at midtown Manhattan. Rainbow has more than 1,300 store all over United States. It is a private company and family owned business. This companys’ primary business is clothing but beside clothing ┬áthis company also keeps shoes, cosmetics and some accessories in their store. This company provides all female products; for both adult and kids. The owner of this company is Solly; the CEO of the company is Joseph. The company was founded in 1935, which is about 85 years ago. I was working with the junior designer in the company.

2 news article about the company

  1. The company launched its first online app for customers in 2017
  2. in 2013 new location was opened at Greenville