Journal Six

So I finally got a fixed schedule for my internship.

Tuesday 10am-5pm; Thursday 10am-5pm; Friday 10am-5pm.

These were my fixed day. So, far this week seems like years as people are talking about some kind of virus that is effecting China and everything is getting worst there. I feel like I need to read more news rather than becoming surprise at my co-workers’ chitchats. But I had a nice 3 days at the internship. We finally got to come up with a designer for the clothing tag and also considering some colors for it. And I have working with Mathew for the colors and Esther was working with another designer that came from L.A. location.

Journal five

On 20th February, it was my first day at my internship. I got to met with the senior designer who will be supervising me and her name is Esther Abadi. She is such a nice person, very polite but also very strict on the deadlines as she mentioned. I also met the junior designer and he was Mathew. I forgot his last name; it was very hard to remember. I don’t have my own desk but I use a desk of my junior designer. And that desk is just beside my supervisor so I was very happy and excited to work her. So, I have introduced myself to everyone when we gathered in the conference room. Everyone left after the introduction but only the designer were in that room. We jumped on the working discussion. They were currently sketching on clothing tags. We all got to share some idea. As I didn’t have class till six so I stayed full time on that day. I got to know the place better, learned about more people and catch up really fast as I can remember them from top of my head. Therefore, I have enjoyed my first day a lot.

Journal Four

So this week I have applied to 15 internship slots. I heard from the company that I sent my designs to. The company’s name is Sportswear. The owner personally talked to me over the phone and said he really liked my design and would love to work with me as an assistant designer. He also mentioned that he love the new ideas of young generation which inspires him. I went to interview on 19th February and I had a good interview but he didn’t ask me any question except he was talking about my designs and how I invade them. We talked about the time management and my schedule also he said that 2 days a week but full time office hours. Sometimes it maybe more than 2 days a week depending on my schedule. So finally I am ready for my internship.

Journal Three

This was the third week, my tension was getting into the level where I started feeling that I will not get any internships and also haven’t heard from the past two interviews that I have attended so far. I have sent some design that I did in the class for my projects and also did some designs for them to look at but till now I didn’t get any other interview dates not heard from the company that my dad got an offer fo me. But I didn’t lose any hope I kept on applying to different places and asking everyone where else can I apply for internship. This really got me in to a situation where all I was thinking about internship and forgot about other classes as there were holidays back to back in two week plus the virus awareness were all around the world. Too many things around us was going on.

Journal Two

We are on week two already. I haven’t heard from any of the companies except two. I went to two of the interviews. One interview went very well only one problem I faced there was that I did not have any experience in working with a company related to the position that they are hiring. And the second interview I went next day was there were too many people on line in the interview to be selected from without any experience. I kept on applying to different companies for any openings for interviews or any part time job positions. The maximum I applied in a day was 5-10 application. And there was one good news but not a confirmed one. My father is a textile engineer and his buyer gave him an offer for me to work for him as a assistant designer but for that he wanted to see my designs and if he likes them then he will hire me. So, there was still hope for me to get something soon. The event networking that I was suppose to go to I couldn’t attend because by the time I went to purchase the tickets first time the payment didn’t go through and the second time it said sold out. I was upset but still didn’t lose hope that I will go to the next networking event without a miss unless any health emergency comes off.

Journal One

Week one has already that we had our first class I am still figuring out how this class works. I have applied to about 20-25 places for internship/part time job. I did not hear anything from any of the companies yet. But I am still trying to find one so that I can pass this class and meet the criteria. I thought I will have fun in this class but it seems like no fun until there is a confirmed internship only worry for internship. Not loosing hope still. I am looking forward to go to this networking event on fab 7th this week. I am excited to go at this event.

Trip report

During the trip we saw many machines but there were few of them which caught my interest. One of them is KIP C7800, Epson Stylus Pro 9800 and another is the Phillipsburg Mark II series.


The KIP C7800 is a wide color printer that provides a broad range of print submission methods, cloud-based printing, scan and copy, variable data printing and fully integrated stacking and folding. The KIP C7800 provides the most open, integrated and powerful wide-format color and B&W production solution out there. From color management to printing, applications drivers to touchscreen control to cloud printing capabilities, the system streamlines production workflow and increases productivity.


The models in the Epson Stylus Pro series have established themselves as reliable proofing solutions over many years in agencies, pre-press, printers, publishing and repro houses.

Key Features

  • Our new 44-inch wide Epson Stylus Pro 9800 sets new standards in the world of large format printing of photos, artistic prints and proofing.
  • Naturally, our UltraChrome K3 ink sets and Epson Micro Piezo- print head technology is able to produce very precise skin-tones together with the finest details.
  • Versatile media handling up to B0+ with manual sheet feed and roll feed
  • Optimize print quality for the media used with interchangeable Matte or Photo Black inks
  • Easy to configure black inks with white glove cartridge changing in just 12 minutes
  • Output edge-to-edge on a wide range of media
  • Easy to set up, use and maintain
  • Lightfast images up to 75 years in color and over 100 years in black & white Flexible connectivity with USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 and optional networking
  • Competitive cost of ownership

Phillipsburg Mark II Series

Product Family

  • Standard machine – base inserter, no machine control
  • Standard machine with
    Intelligence – adds machine control intelligence satisfying 4 key customer requirements
  • Insert Station Selections
  • Envelope Marking
  • Envelope Diverting
  • Quality Inspection
  • Standard machine Bowe Bell Howell input feeders
    • Cut Sheet Feeder
    • Continuous Form

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for self-maintenance users
  • Low service and operating costs won’t significantly add to your bottom-line
  • Variable speed to maximize machine performance and match against the material and application complexity
  • Quick job changeover made possible by tool-less changes to all rails and guides and a motorized front table
  • Single operator machine with easy access to all mechanical devices allows for easy set-up between jobs
  • Long life-span means a quicker return on your investment
  • Insert raceway and insert area are designed to control material which reduces the number of jams
  • LCD displays to review machine throughput and job statistics
  • Missed or double insert pull and material jams alert the machine to stop
  • 6 & 12 station models are available
  • Insert wedges and T plates

increase insert material capacity

  • Ease-of-use and low maintenance

equals low cost-per-piece

  • Delivery options include:
    • Conveyor
    • Motorized belted turn over
    • InkJet
    • JETVision


This is a video from the Thanks Giving weekend. I went on a vacation during the long weekend with my family. We went to Poconos, Pennsylvania. This video shows the beautiful view from the back of the house. And a small firework activity with everyone at night. The second day the lake was frozen due to the temperature drop.


This logo represents my childhood and the love that was given by my family. When I was born  my grandmother gave my nick name Twinkle because she thinks I came to their life like a shinning start. And I was the first daughter in the family may be because of that they called me twinkle by love. Even though everyone called me by Twinkle at home  but it was never put officially on my birth certificate.