Sheila Ramos 2016 Internship week 6 (October 17th through October 23rd)

Full week worked a total of 25 hours in the design of the website “one hand two shake”. I finally received the content for the remaining products and the clients information and testimonies which I have added to the website. I have set up the email address and it is currently working and fully accessible, I am now working on creating business cards for the company and awaiting approval to print. The website is now completed and fully functional. Please see the link to view the website

Sheila Ramos 2016 Internship week 1 (August 29-September 4)

Full week worked a total of 25 hours in the design of the website “one hand two shake”.  I have met the staff and became familiar with the company needs and demands. I was given the assignment of creating the company branding such as the logo, business cards, and brochure.  I was given a two week period to finish this first assignment. The logos will consist of a logo type and a small image. I have now started sketching the logos and started the websites wire-frames to show the manager.


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