Is XXL Freshman list really the truth?

XXL releases its annual “Freshman Class” list. The issue features ten artists to watch out for, all of appearing on the cover of the magazine. The list has a history of showcasing underground rappers, as well as artists considered to be on the rise. BUT, Freshman list is now a money/fame hungry magazine. Recent years including this upcoming Freshman list (has not been revealed yet) are picking up artist that is famous but not talented at all. Freshman list is picking up artist that cause drama on social media and make themselves famous. This magazine is doing this just to get sales and to be talked about. The magazine got a lot of controversy because of this problem.  Freshman magazine wasn’t like this before a few years ago, but now everything changed. People are hoping they give the credit to the artist that deserves it.

Rappers going to jail

Nowadays rappers are going to jail in and out. One of the rapper name YnwMelly have been accused of double murder, but you might be thinking it might be some random person that died right? well no. The murder he got accused of is his 2 best friends that got shot. The reason the police thought it was him is that he took him to the hospital and told the authorities that it was a drive-by shooting. But the way the 2 guys got murdered does not look like it was a drive-by shooting.  One of YnwMelly song called “Murder on my mind” has been blowing up. In the song, he talks about him shooting someone but he does not reference it who is he talking about. Now people are thinking that song might be talking about his friends that got shot dead.

Do you think the song was about his best friends that died?

Did he kill his friends for more publicity?