HW/Prompt for Mon 3/25

A) I am transfer student from Europe, at this point of semester I need to practice my grammar and vocabulary. To achieve this, I need to read more books and articles in English. I think that my understanding of texts is on good level but responding to it not so much.


“The “Californian ideolgy” as defined in 1995 by Richard Barbook and Andy Cameron helped us trace the motives underlying the internet back to their cold War roots (and the ambivalent hippie culture). Fred Turner’s 2006 classic From Counterculture to Cyberculture did much the same. But the historical perspective is not much use if it cannot explain social media’s contemporary and persistent success since the 1990s. Now, as in the 1970s, the role of ideology in navigating the limits of existing system is all too real. To study ideology is to take a close look at this everyday life, here and now. What remains particularly unexplained is the apparent paradox between the hyper-individualized subject and the herd mentality of the social. What’s wrong with the social? What’s right with it? Positivity is as pervasive in California as it is in the Italian cyberspace scene, which, in a Gramscian move, has embraced the “social network” as a sign within popular culture that the multitude can beat the mainstream in its act of mediation. Italian critics, activists, and artists are not unlike many others in being hyperaware of all the controversies made in Silicon Valley, while remaining mostly positive about the magic potion called social networking.”


Lovink’s point is that current situation in social network id divided in to two main branches: individualized and socialized. Social network is divided in similar way world was divided during Cold War.

Ideology in my opinion is a system of ideas and believes which connects people from different nation, races and social classes.

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