HW for Mon 5/6


The first meaning of the “n-word” is how whites were calling Afro-Americans. This meaning of the “n-word” is a bad one. This word was used by whites to call all black people in US during the slavery time. This word was carried to the present because they are still people that think that Afro-Americans are less people. Second meaning of the “n-word” is when woman is calling her husband or boyfriend. In that case this word plays totally different meaning. Its not bad anymore but its good. For Afro-Americans is they call them self “n-word” its like a pride that they show to each other. This shows that a bad word for one can mean a good for others. They keep calling themselves that because that the part of their history.


In my opinion using “nigger” in her essay is not offensive because she is not applying this word to no one in particular. This word is used as a representation. She is using whole word because it makes sense for her to do it. she is not writing essay about “n-word” meaning but about meaning of the word “nigger”. For me the difference between the “n-word,” “nigger,” and “nigga” is that is used by different people in different situations. The “n-word,” is used as a way of not actually saying the word. On the other hand “nigger,” is a word that been used in the past for calling Afro-Americans and it been carried to the present day but its not as common. Lastly “nigga” is used between Afro-Americans, by saying that they are calling them self “bro” or “homie”. Its their way of saying that.

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    force people to follow or acting the way that use of power of laws to make people to change.

    The animals are less compact and people abuse law of power, animals in the sense there wasn’t political laws power by the animals itself.

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