HW for Mon 4/15

In the text “Feasts Under the Bridge” we can read “Doxxing. A troll will essentially hack or use cunning to extract personal information including where a target may live, who their spouse or children are, their telephone and email addresses, their workplace, how many nudes they have of themselves, etc and may distribute this sensitive information in another location particularly for public shaming” (Kerr 64). From this quote I learned that there are people that just for they entertainment will expose someone’s private information’s. By doing this person affected by this could loos their job, their life could be in danger because no one knows what person will receive those information’s. Their whole life and career could be ruined. This quote gives whole new idea of what trolling can be. This kind of action is very damaging and reckless.

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  1. “The general doesn’t know any more about politics than a pig knows about Sunday.” Truman griped.
    Electric power industry
    “Voltage instability is considered as a main threat to stability, security, and reliability in the modern power systems.”
    “Hence Language and Symbolic Power is to some extent a new volume which does not have a direct counterpart in French.”

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