HW for Friday (1p)

  1. Title, Authors – “Hello, Strager”, by Elizabeth W. Dunn and Michael Norton

Main idea – People should feel more free to speak with the other commuters, for get more pleasure from daily commuting routine.

Thesis – People who spoke with the strangers while commuting had more positive experience than those who did not speak to anyone.


  1. A Main idea – Speaking with commuters will improve your’s social life.

Thesis – If you meet more new people, you might make new friendships more frequently.

Content I must include – I must refer to the article and use some personal experience to support my thesis.

Content I can include – Maybe an article that I read in the past, about social interactions.


B Main idea – I’ve met best friend from social group that I had not considered I            would ever have.

Thesis – Never judge people, before you speak with them.

Content I must include – History Of how I met my best friend, and how it refers to the article.

Content I can include – Histories of other people that I have heard, which are connected to the topic.


  1. Article with additional information’s:



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