Media Analysis

In this time of the world, it is really ironic to come across a post like this on your social media feed. Ever since we have been young we’ve learned about the history of our past time and how war has happened. We were educated in the Jewish holocaust, why’d we learn this?  We learned this because it was something obvious to grasp on to the fact that it’s wrong. Now in modern day a holocaust is in place, and no-one is taking action. This is an enigma because after all the chaos it created, history is just allowing itself to happen again in a time especially like this. Adding on to the fact that this is an enigma, is because there is hardly any coverage on such  a tragic  occurrence on the news. This issue is being reported and spread though social media panels. This proves to the previous post about the sponge bob meme, not exactly answering the question about memes, but yes in times like this social media gets the job done. If it wasn’t for social media we wouldn’t get exposure to the real things out in the world we need to know. The news is controlled by a source and they are allowed to be biased and show us what they want. However social media allows us to see what we want and use our voices. Together everyone is spreading awareness and keeping an eye open for what needs to be seen, not just what the government wants us to see.

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