I  headed up the stairs into Search and Destroy. It’s an amazing store that has an abundance of punk clothing and items. My words alone cannot describe how sick this place is. Not to mention the killer music playing. Anyways, two guys blocked the entrance. I shared a conversation with one who claimed his name was August Lane. Ha, yeah right! He asked me to see my board so I thought nothing of it. Just a couple of dudes chilling on a stoop. I held his drink. He dashed away. As if it was a fair trade off.

Passively I say “My, board.”

Something kicked in that I was probably about to get robbed. So I ran after him. Thinking back on it, he could’ve had a weapon. But all I could see was him stumbling on my board zooming away.

I grabbed his back. Snatched my board out of his hand. Yelled. Then we fist pumped.

I was just happy to have my board back. It was so bizarre and strange that it felt like a dream.


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