Melannie Moreira

The notebook – fight scene

The enigma in this scene from this movie is that the women Allie went back to the house of the man who she fell in love with fist which was Noah but she doesn’t know why when she is engaged and is about to marry a rich man then she tells Noah that she has to go. When Noah says ” your bored and you know it, you wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t something missing”. She still leaves. It’s mysterious because we don’t know if Allie actually wants Noah back.

The contradiction in this scene is when Noah says “so you make love to me and then you go back to your husband” . Allie says “they were irresponsible” meaning she has her fiancé waiting for her but if she has a fiancé and she loves her fiancé why is she with Noah. She says she knows the couple of days she spent with Noah happened but that they were irresponsible.

The conflict in this movie is that Noah wants to be with Allie but Allie keeps thinking about what everyone else thinks is best for her instead of thinking about herself.

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