Revised Media Analysis

There is no better way to get the attention of males than with two of the things that they love : food and woman. This is a Carl’s Jr. ad featuring the beautiful Heidi Klum, wearing an attractive black dress and a holding a burger in her hand. This is stereotyping that woman have to be sexy, and very appealing toward males by wearing little clothing or no clothing at all If a black person advertised this same ad for Carl’s Jr., no one would be interested in going there, but because people like Klum and Hilton that are attractive to male audience, it would make sense to use them as model especially when it comes to drawing customers in. In our society, these ads all over stereotype how a woman suppose to look like; skinny, attractive and to be seductive.

  1. CONFLICT- If one is to bring in the right audience, why not use the same gender other than the opposing gender?
  2. ENIGMA- Is it really about selling their product or just showing how attractive the person who is advertising the product looks?


Conflict: Why did they use an attractive female to advertise a food product?

Enigma: How does having an attractive female holding a burger draw’s attention to both females and males?

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