12/10 | HW for Wed

HW: Read “Hello Stranger” (sample final exam), pp. 74-77 in packet 2.
Post the following to the blog.  Each person: 1 paragraph responding to another group’s presentation.  Each group: 1 paragraph describing the class’s response to your presentation, including at least two specific comments.

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  1. One of the presentations I listened to ” How Does Social Media Negatively Impact Self-Esteem and Relationships?” The reason they chose this topic is because they have seen it firsthand. The group also mentions how we need more face to face conversations. Also using our phones all day we won’t experience real life. I disagree, because Social Media had a big impact for me, espcially on relationships. I’m not talking about with a guy, but with friends. I use to have a big circle and later had found out they were fake. Since everyone in this day of age be posting stuff online, they have forgotten others can see. I really like this topic and the presentation. I would say using less words on the powerpoint, and more talking to audience. I know too much words on a powerpoint people get bored easily. Also they should have gone more in depth on how it really affects relationships. I felt there could have been more added to the discussion on how it can affect relationship like with family, friends, work etc.

  2. One presentation that I found interesting was about “impact of social media on relationships and self esteem”. The group talked about how social media creates this kind of barrier between the relationship because the couple or one individual can get sidetracked from reality. I disagree with this because couples that are on social media are typically more transparent with their friends, this can show how the relationship is going based on the posts the couple is posting. This group effectively transferred information about their topic by doing a “game show” skit which was different then a normal presentation and  intrigued the audience more.


  3. One presentation I found interesting was the presentation talking about how social media is distracting us. That group did a great job finding a video. I enjoyed the video because it was a great example of how technology is controlling us. It is affecting our relationships and the way we live. In addition, the video was trying to show that social media is affecting our health and it is basically taking over our daily lives. We are unaware of it until it is too late.


  4. One of the presentation that I liked most, and took my attention was about the social media, and its affects on us. Group talked about how use of social media is dangling our lives, and how dependent it makes us on them. I liked the video they showed in the presentation. It was an exact animation of their topic and clearly showed how social media, in this case Twitter, is endangering our lives, and we are least likely to notice it.

  5. One of the presentations that I liked the most was about “how social media impacts relationship and self esteem” because they created the talk show with explaining the main problem. In my opinion it was really creative when they had a couple and a therapist. They showed how social media has an negative impact on the relationships. Spending time on social media can lead someone to be depressed because they see how their loved one has more interest on social media than that person himself.  I agree with that idea because if you don’t pay attention to the person that you love and be on a social media instead it shows how you’re not that really interested. I also like the idea how at the end the therapist said that they should stop the relationship because they can’t take it further.





  6. During the group presentations on Monday, one presentation that interests me the most was the group project on “Internet Addiction and Self-Esteem.” I liked how they approached it by doing a skit and found it very creative. It’s interesting to see the skit and realize how much our society has changed in terms of technology and it’s inpact on relationships. The group did a great job capturing what it means to be a millennial in a romantic relationship 
    After, my teammate and I decided to present and most of the reactions was about the video that we showed. The video was about a man who was who addicted to social media, it was controlling his life so much that he was left alone, isolated and sad. This video connected with our topic of “Internet Addiction and Mental Health” because internet addiction, acccording to our many research articles caused a person to be very isolated to the point where they developed a mental health condition. The two comments that my presentation created were “Why was the twitter bird used to represent social media?” And “Social media, if used too often can cause a person to disconnect from real life.”

  7. One presentation that interested me most was the group that presented “Social Media’s impact on mental health.” I thought that it was very interesting to watch the little video they showed with the bird that represented social media and twitter to be exact as a focus. It kept my attention due to the fact that it was in French so it was a constant need to pay attention or you wouldn’t understand what the message was Trynna convey. After their presentation it was clear as to how damaging social media can become to your mental state. I definitely learned from this and everyone else’s.

  8. I think our feedback from our audience as a group was overall good. People enjoyed our skit thought it was very different from what they expected. Although they wished we had more to the skit we take it as a compliment because they actually found it interesting. The feedback when it came to comments not much was said except answers to our questions. One question we asked is “what can you guys interpret from our image?” Most gave their opinions and one common answer dealt with the idea of our topic for example “You can tell that the guy is mad he isn’t getting any attention because the girl is more focused on her phone.” Overall we feel as though they did enjoy our presentation.

    Group 2: Christina, Elian, Sarah and Allison

  9. The presentation about the impact of social media on mental health kept my attention the most compared to other presentations. The video that was shown to us is called Carmen, and shows the impact of Twitter on many people. According to the video, people who are addicted to Twitter resulted in many problems such as the lost of real life friends and their loves. In conclusion, people that are addicted end up ruining their own life.

  10. One presentation that was interesting was “how social media impacts relationship and self esteem” because it showed a different side of how the internet is able to distract you from things in your life. It was pretty cool to see it being talked about in the form of a talk show as well it was different from the usual explanation of what was written for the topic. Learning about the impact of the internet from a different perspective was really helpful for my own essay because we never thought about people in relationships being any different from those not in one. This group did a great job showing and talking about their topic.

  11. One presentation that I found interesting about was about the impact of social media on mental health. The reason for that is because that group is only one using the video, and this video explains the impact of social media pretty well. By the way, at the begin of video, I didn’t understand what was the video about, but as the video going on, I figure out the meaning of it. The video tells us the change after a boy addicted to Twitter, he was very healthy at the begin, but when he addicted to Twitter, he slowly ignores people around it and been controlled by Twitter, and at the end, after he gets “eat” by the biggest Twitter bird. Meanwhile, the bird with him at the begin go find other people and create new cycle

  12. One presentation that caught my attention was about Internet trauma. The reason why this topic is interesting because many people post pictures and mostly videos to show proof of certain tragic scenes. One example the group mentioned was Steve Stephens. He was the person who shot a elderly man to show how much he really care about his significant other and post it on social media. Later on, many people were terrified and shocked when they saw the explicit video of the elderly man got shot by a gun.

    During my partner and I presentation, we were discussing about how Internet Addiction effects on mental health. When we showed a video to the class, a few people had commented. One of them said, throughout the video, this guy was being addicted to Twitter. When he was addicted he basically lost everything he had. Another classmate commented, after watching the video, she realized Internet Addiction can effect and triggered mental health.

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