10/15: HW for Wed (Grammar Test! Essay 2, part D)

HW: Wednesday we will be doing a Grammar Test, so please look over the notes and exercises we’ve done so far.  Also, please type and post to the blog your individual paragraphs for Part D of the Essay 2 assignment.

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  1. For step A of our group work, we had quite a hard time as we don’t really know each other. It felt extremely awkward when no one was talking and pretty much looking up for information alone. It continued until I somehow managed to gather my group members to chat a little. Although it was still awkward, since everyone just went silent the moment we finish speaking about a certain thing. Eventually, we were able to come up and choose a few research questions that we can go along with.

  2. For my group, my partner and I decided to choose who’s doing to what. My partner did step A which was you “discuss your personal experiences with technology and how it affects people.” She ask me questions on “How long I would manage without using any of my devices”, “Do I think technology changed the effect on people”, and etc. For part B, I went online to search up articles on our topic, the results, and words or phrases that caught my eye. For part C, my partner was thinking list of articles that would illustrate our topic and enchance our opinions on the topic.

  3. A)            At the start of this project my group and I already had an idea of what we wanted to to research. We knew from things like social media and the news that there have been many cases of suicide because of the persona they put on the internet. This is a topic no one really talks about so we knew it was going to be our topic. We then began to think about how technology effects us as people and came to the conclusion that yes, we are addicted to our phones, but not to the point where we need a counselor for it. Finally, we began to ask questions like; “What is Internet Addiction?” and “Is the use of the internet correlated with self esteem?” After these questions were formed we went to the internet to start our research.

    C)    When the search was finished we came across three articles that stood out to us, “Internet Overuse may cause Depression,” by WebMD “The association between problematic internet use and depression, suicidal ideation and bipolar disorder symptoms in Korean adolescents,” by Subin Park and “Internet Addiction: Symptoms, Evaluation, and Treatment,” by Dr. Kimberly S. Young. These were the articles we would base our research on.

  4. For essay 2 I covered section a which were the first steps. What I had to do was talk to my group members about their personal experiences with technology in relation to our topic (internet addiction/ internet addiction’s effects on health). For me, internet addiction is something that I have but it’s strange to admit. I check my phone very often during the day and I get very bored when I don’t have internet access for a while. I don’t remember what it was like to not always be on the internet because I’m so used to it. Some of the physical effects I feel from constant internet use are neck pain from looking down for too long and headaches from straining my eyes. My group mate Ashley told me that she constantly relies on her phone and the internet for help with things and accessing information. She said that she doesn’t necessarily have an addiction to the internet but she would sometimes rather use it to be informed and entertained than interact with other people socially. Sometimes she experiences back pain from looking down at her phone. My other group mate Jackie told me that the uses his computer more than his phone, as he enjoys computer games. He said that he goes on his computer first thing in the morning some days. He admitted that he sometimes prioritizes playing games over responsibilities and would also sometimes rather play games than interact with other people. He considers his gaming to be a hobby instead of an addiction because he can be fine without it. He gets wrist pain, back pain, and headaches from constant computer use. The last person in our group I talked to was Sade. She told me that she uses her phone for things like social media but she  can be completely fine not using it for a long time, so she does not have an addiction. She always has her phone with her but that’s only because she considers it to be expensive property and she doesn’t want to lose it. She is not dependent on her phone for anything and  she even notices that other people are not like that at all. She sees how her friends and family members are very attached to their phones.

    Research topics/ Questions:

    •How to identify addictive behaviors.

    •Negative and positive physical effects of internet use/internet addiction?

    •What is addiction?

    •Internet addiction and mental health.

  5. From step B of our group, we have to find the research to support our topic, I use the Google and type in the major word or question to search. For example, I want to search something about effect of addicted on teens when they grow up, I write “effect of addicted on game when people are young”, and it give me about 65,000,000 results, and I found out one result could be use on the essay, which is about the study of child been addicted on game, by Dr.Brent Conard. After that, I will also use other searching tools do more research, like Academic Search, Gale Reference, and etc.

  6. We started the assignment by splitting up the steps. For the first step, we had Irakli write about a personal experience that relates to our topic. The second step was completed by Dominik and he had to find library databases. The third step was completed by Joseph and I. We found articles that we could use. As a group we tried to help each other whenever there was a problem. We shared a google docs, so we could check each other’s work.

  7. Our group split the 3 sections between each other I did step B. For this step I had to find articles that had to do with internet addiction this is why for my keywords I entered “Internet addiction” with the filters set to display only texts in English and the publication date was set to show texts published within the last two years. This filters showed 11,166 results which narrowed it down from what I had before. All of these articles that I picked out look interesting because they all focus on the evolution of internet addiction and other contributors that increase the chances of this disorder. Some of these factors are online games which targets younger adolescents, these games are widely appealing to children because it serves as a primary form of entertainment. Another factor of internet addiction is social media since it targets a wide demographic such as children, teens and even adults

    1. Great work detailing one of your searches, Dominik.  Please add details for 2-3 other searches that you did: your key terms, number of results, reasons for changing key terms, etc.

  8. we started group work by sharing own ideas and experiences about internet addiction, and what it actually means to be a addicted. Then, as a group, we split up the work and focused on searching for articles. We were searching articles based on different questions, such as ‘What exactly internet addiction is?’, ‘What makes person internet addict’, and so on. As a result, we came up with several different articles that answer these type of questions, which makes us believe that these articles will be useful for the essay.

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