12/10 | HW for Wed

HW: Read “Hello Stranger” (sample final exam), pp. 74-77 in packet 2.
Post the following to the blog.  Each person: 1 paragraph responding to another group’s presentation.  Each group: 1 paragraph describing the class’s response to your presentation, including at least two specific comments.

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  1. During yesterday’presentation day my group and I  had shared with the English class  how negativity of social media and  self esteem /relationships has made an negative   Impact due to the  usage of Social media  And as we went through the speech feedback was giving from the audience, Sharing comments on our speech In which they wanted to know why I felt friends tend not to show emotion to my feelings when I tell them the problems I’ve had with  a girlfriend of my past In which I spoke about my former girlfriend and I arguing and putting our frustrations online reaching for sympathy from friends. Also another comment made on our presentation was about why do people tend to kill themselves when they are low on self esteem after we made claim that there’s 14% risk of premature death   which Is true because people do often feel the need to take their lives if they go on Social media and see a friend having fun and they’re not invited making them feel left and mentally putting a block on themselves.

  2. The first group that presented yesterday gave me a well understanding of self esteem, with an connection to the internet. I feel like they had good experiences so that the class can relate as a whole. Especially with facebook ruining relationships like mine in the past. Also, I feel as if everyone should have talked equalily so it didn’t seem like one person did the whole work. Other than that, it was enjoyable and interesting to have a change of mind of how internet impacts your self esteem.


  3. The second group that presented yesterday showed how having new robots created with internet base technology isn’t the greatest and how it has reached us threw technology  we’ve might not even noticed. For instance, Siri can be an example as an AI because she is like a robot to edit where u wanna go to in your phone without a click of a button. Overall the group did a great presentation, especially with showing the class videos off the internet to prove their point.


  4. The first group that went talked about internet addiction. Their main focus was “internet addiction on mental and physical health.” I noticed that this group used google scholar to get some of their information which my group did as well. I really enjoyed how each member of the group shared if they personally felt that they had internet addiction or not. Most of the group said that their eyes hurt all the time because of how much they use their phones, but they couldn’t find any articles that had a connection with internet addiction to bad eye sight which was interesting. The first picture they included in their presentation was great because it showed that addiction does not always involve drugs. Overall the presentation was great.

  5. The second group presented about the negative affects of social media on relationships and self esteem. The members: Zainadine, Justin and Keiona dicussed how they became interested because they all have seen someone or even themselves go through the negative impacts. With the help of Justin discussing a past relationship and how social media became an outlet to show his “perfect relationship.” However social media failed to show the issues in their relationship, and allowing for there to be no vocal interaction rather a technological relationship. Justin also admits that his past relationship needed face to face conversations, more than conversations behind a device. Which was an impacts social media has had on our lives, we rely on WiFi connected conversations rather than emotionally connected relationships. Overall the group discussed very specifically the negative impacts social media has on relationships and self esteem, which show to be greatly impacted by social media.

  6. The presentation about social media poses some interesting points. Mainly how social media can ruin a relationship. But depends on how you view it you could say that it highlighted the shortcomings in a relationship. If you couldn’t take to your loved one about the problems in the relationship with then rather than with other people; that’s not a social media issue that’s a communication issue. But with that being said, social media does further lack of communication with your partner. I found it helpful that they included examples from their personal relationships.; it allowed me to see the issue in a different light.

  7. Zainab, Justin and Keiona shared experiences on how technology effected their relationships. Most of these experiences were negative and I think it has something to do with maturity and miscommunication. I think people who are really into social media tend to be immature, but that’s not a fact. It’s just how I feel. So, when you have a relationship that’s really strong online then maybe that relationship is immature as well as the people in it. The show “90 Day Fiancé” came to mind when I was listening to this group. It’s a show about people who fall in love outside of the country and try to bring their partner to the United States (of America). Most of these couples are dumb and manipulative, but there are some that are sweet. Since these people live in different countries, they spend a lot of time talking online. If the foreign partner’s visa comes through, they move in with the American partner in their place in America. Most of these relationships don’t work and it’s because the vibes are different in person than they were online. I really liked this group.

  8. The group that presented today, Jose & Caleb, shared very insightful ideas and arguments that started a class discussion about internet connection in America v. other countries. Caleb shared briefly on his childhood with the internet and told the class that growing up in Ghana, West Africa, internet access wasn’t has accessible overseas compared to America. He described that he wasn’t allowed to use the internet until his later years in junior high school, going into high school. The few times he did, he would have very limited time (approx 10 minutes) per session and would use a French translator. Jose spoke on his experience with internet access growing up in New York. He explained how he believes that internet access is much slower here in the United States compared to other countries such as China and Korea. He believes this is because there is a “oligopoly” here in the US, where these cable companies don’t have to compete with each other to provide strong wifi access to their customers. I found this presentation to be very informational and its class discussion that started after opened my mind on this new topic that I wasn’t aware of before.

  9. My group consisted of Sabrina, Ashley, Jackie and Kaelan and our presentation/essay was on the physical and mental health that is affected from internet addiction. We were the first group to present and the class’ response seemed interested and interacted with our presentation. One of the comments that stuck out to us was when someone asked, “Does internet addiction have the same effect as drugs?” We liked this question because it was one we’ve asked each other and ourselves while writing this essay; however, we’ve concluded that so far based on our research, this question is a matter of opinion. Another comment made from the class that stuck out was about our image we included, that asked if we agree with the idea that the internet is as addictive as drugs, and we’ve all agreed that we do not believe this, as we don’t think the internet is something uncontrollable or something that needs to be treated. Overall, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our topic during the time spent on the essay any presentation and the class’ responses left us with many more questions to think about.

  10. My response to Melvy’s group, it was great presentation. The group explained what are and how robots are built. The video how robots aren’t performing perfect movement and depict it as clunky. And how the mainstream media are afraid of A.I., also why support for it is non-existent. Also the threat of A.I evoving faster than we compete with is a frightening prospect. The only problem that I have with the presentation is that it doesn’t have a counter claim and doesn’t have any personal experiences. Only focus was the robots and nothing else.


    The two responses from class were that difference between class system, like the rich and poor.

    And how much of difference internet access is in different. The way I answered this is that least developed countries can’t pay for internet access and United States itself is behind other developed countries.



  11. After my group presented our research in class, about Social Media’s Impcat on Relationships and Self esteem. There was a positive response, many people were interested by the opposing points we shared that were the countreclaims. The counterclaim gave the audience a new perspective to the article and our research. We received interesting comments such as a student spoke about the images and how its shows that on social media we try to shows the “best version of ourselves” this was the point me and my group wanted to convey, and she understood that social media indeed has it standards of perfection which are shown in posts and feeds. To add on, Professor Monroe  stated that a point about the idea that he has seen people without social media and the remain “okay” which was a true point that social media does harm to some but not others. Overall, presenting our research topic we   Feel that our audience indeed saw the impacts social media has on people self esteem and relationships.

  12. Leslyann’s group had a great presentation on the impact social media has on people. I think that the ideas that they presented to the class were interesting. They did a good job representing both sides of the topic and when they finished I was left torn between the two and can’t say I left more convinced towards one side than the other. They clearly had done their research on the topic and did a great job of presenting it and I was engaged throughout their discussion. Their idea of social of media being a place to portray the best version of ourselves was well thought out. Additionally, I think that the images they showed us greatly helped in giving us a visual of what they meant.

    When it comes to my group I think the class was intrigued by the topic. When we were done presenting I would say that we had an interesting conversation about how comfortable people are with AI. When we showed off google duplex the class seemed split on whether or not they were okay with having AI speak for them or being greeted by an AI answering machine instead of the person they were trying to call. In addition the class seemed unsure if they were fine with how far AI could go into development with some being fine with what we have now with Siri or Google Assistant to wanting full on AI.

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