12/17 | Final Work

Submission Instructions


NOTE: If any of your work is missing–Essay 1 (revised), Essay 2, Essay 3, or blog posts–you MUST e-mail me to let me know your plan for submitting it. ¬†Students who are missing work and do not contact me will receive a grade of D or F!!!


12/10 | HW for Wed

HW: Read “Hello Stranger” (sample final exam), pp. 74-77 in packet 2.
Post the following to the blog. ¬†Each person: 1 paragraph responding to another group’s presentation. ¬†Each group: 1 paragraph describing the class’s response to your presentation, including at least two specific comments.

11/28 | HW for Mon

ANNOUNCE: Final exam will likely be held on Mon 12/17.  We will have class on Wed 12/12.  Essays 2 + 3 will be due Mon 12/17.
HW for Mon: Read pp. 65-8 (a funny comparison & contrast essay by author David Sedaris) in Packet #2. ¬†Revise Essay 2 using feedback from today’s class and complete your essay’s MLA Works Cited page. ¬†Prepare your group’s presentation. Remember: revised Essay 1s are due online next Wednesday!

11/26 | HW, Film Summary (Essay 2 Assignment Update), etc.

11/26 | FILM SCREENING: Lo and Behold (2016; dir. Werner Herzog)
HW for Wed:
A.) Give your paper copies of Essay 2 to two other groups for them to provide feedback on.  Using Part I of the Essay 2 Peer Review handout sheet, have two members of your group give feedback on 2 essays by other groups.
B.) The other person/people in your group should compile your notes on Herzog’s Lo and Behold¬†and write a 1-paragraph summary of the film. ¬†In your summary, address 3 key points from the film that connect to at least 1 of your research articles and explain in detail what the connections are. ¬†Put this summary in your Essay 2 Google Doc.
Summarize several points from Herzog’s Lo and Behold¬†(2016).
Instead of having you summarize an article from one of the packets, I’ve decided to have you include a paragraph on the film we are watching. ¬†Specifically, I want you to make note of:
–How the film presents multiple sides of the internet: its dark side, its brighter sides, its goofier sides, etc.
–3 key points from the film that connect to your topic in some way
In your summary for Essay 2, be sure to explain the connections between the film and your topic!
ANNOUNCE: Revised Essay 1 deadline extended to Wed 12/5.  Re-submit via the online submissions form.  ALSO: If you are worried about failing the class due to poor attendance or participation, please see me; there will be an extra-credit assignment you can do.

11/21 | HW for Mon

Prepare a fully written draft of your Essay 2. Use paragraphs and narrative form for the whole thing: NO BULLETED LISTS, LINKS, OR NOTES (save these at the bottom of your document, after the end of the essay). ¬†PRINT OUT 2 COPIES & BRING THEM TO MONDAY’S CLASS.

Next week, we will choose one article from one of the packets that connects to our topic and summarize it.  We will also work on editing our essay, writing a conclusion paragraph, and preparing a Works Cited page.

11/14 | HW for Mon

HW: With your Essay 2 group, finish summarizing the scholarly article you have selected. ¬†I will be checking summaries during lab on Monday. In addition, please arrive with a link to a new image or other media online that links to your topic. ¬†This will help you begin to prepare for Essay 2 presentations. ¬†READING: In packet #2, read pp. 53-4 and also please read Suzanna Walters‚Äô ‚ÄúAcademe‚Äôs Poisonous Call-Out Culture‚ÄĚ (online). ¬†As you read, think about how this essay is responding to Rentschler‚Äôs text about ‚Äúrape culture‚ÄĚ that we looked at today.

10/29 HW

HW for Wed: Read pp. 8-10 and 15-18 in Packet #2.

For next Monday: Post revised midterm to blog. Find and read a new article on your research question using Google Scholar or one of the Library Databases linked on the Course OpenLab.

10/22 | HW for Wed (Midterm)

HW: Study for the midterm on Wed. ¬†The midterm will focus on the article you’ve found for Essay 2. ¬†To study I suggest you review the work on summarizing we did this week and practice summarizing one of the articles in the packet. ¬†For the exam, you will only be allowed to use your print copy of your research article and blank notebook paper.
ALSO: Submit Essay 1 (revised) here. I will not accept e-mailed submissions anymore.  Please use the online form.

10/17: HW for Monday

For Monday:

1. Touch base with your Essay 2 Research Group and decide on an article on your topic that you will be reading. ¬†Each person in the group will read a different article, so be sure your’s isn’t the same as anyone else’s.¬† Print, read, and bring in the hard copy of your research article.
2. Read pp. 70-71 in the Articles packet.
3. Remember: the midterm is next Wednesday; your revised Essay 1s are also due then!  The midterm will be focused on your Essay 2 Research Article, so be sure to bring a print copy of that on Monday in order to prepare for the test!!!

10/10 | HW for Monday

HW: Read pp. 66-69 in Articles packet.¬†¬†Finish reading and working on pp. 56-63 in Grammar Packet.¬†¬†Also complete p. 12 (bottom) through the top of p. 16 (on ‚ÄúRun-On Sentences‚ÄĚ).¬†¬†Keep working on Essay 1. REMEMBER: the revised draft which I will be evaluating is due at the Midterm in 2 weeks on Wed, 10/24.

HW for Monday / Phone Score: 6/15 = F

HW for Monday:
–Find and bring in an image, video, or other form of media connecting to your group’s research topic.
–Continue expanding and revising your Essay 1 narrative. ¬†Bring in a print copy of your most up-to-date draft of Essay 1.
–Write a commentary on the film, Weiner¬†(2016), directed by¬†Josh Kriegman¬†and Elyse Steinberg. In your commentary, respond to the following questions: what stood out to you most about the film? ¬†What did you find most interesting and why? ¬†What is the “story” told by the film? ¬†What would you say the central conflict¬†of this story is? ¬†How is this film connected to our coursework so far? ¬†In other words, why did we watch it? ¬†What does it show about the impact of technology?