16.1 Reflection

For Tuesday, please read the final text in the Unit 2 packet: Gloria Naylor’s “A Word’s Meaning Can Often Depend on Who Says It.”

On the blog, please post a reflection on this semester.  Thinking back over the past several months of this course, what moments stand out to you and why?  Were there particular assignments were you most engaged by?  Were there particular moments in the course where you found yourself frustrated?  Have you noticed any changes in the way you write, read, or think?  This is open-ended, but do please explain your responses!

15.1 Blog Requirements, Grammar Test, Presentation Comments

To begin with, a note on blog posts and grades: this marks the 20th blog post assignment of the semester.  For those looking to receive a high grade in the course, aim for at least 17 posts by the end of the semester.  For those looking simply to pass the course, 10 posts (but no fewer) will suffice.

For next Tuesday: study for the Grammar Test (on fragments, subordinating conjunctions, and conjunctive adverbs).  Also please post the following thoughts on one of the student presentations from this week:
–one moment that “stood out” to you (and why);
–one thing you learned;
–one question or suggestion for the presenter.