12.1 Notes on ONE Research Article You’ve Found and Read

For Tuesday: please print, read, and take notes on ONE article YOU’VE found while researching your Essay 2 topic.  Below, please post notes on three points in the article.  Also, please write out one quotation and include the page # where it appears.

Also, please finish reading Carrie Rentschler’s “Rape Culture and the Feminist Politics of Social Media.”  For those of you interested in reading more about the case of sexual assault in Steubenville, OH mentioned by Rentschler, you can access an article on this case here.  Just a note: this article contains somewhat graphic descriptions of sexual assault and may be disturbing to read about.  (It is optional reading.)  For those of you interested in recent feminist responses to the high-profile cases of sexual assault currently in the media (e.g., Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Knight Landesman, etc.), you can access a manifesto by a group of feminist artists called “Not Surprised” here.