10.2 | Initial Research Findings

For Thursday, read half of Kate Crawford’s “The Anxieties of Big Data” in the Unit 2 Reader.  Also complete “Sentence Fragments” on p. 3 of the Grammar Book.

For the blog: Post below your notes on your initial research process and what you’ve found.  Include database names, publication titles, article titles, and author names for at least 3 texts.  Tell me what interested you (if anything), and why.  Tell me what bored you (if anything), and why.

9 thoughts on “10.2 | Initial Research Findings”

  1. As i looked for information on the topic of video games, I stumbled upon some interesting titles. I used Google and Google Scholar for some of my research but it proved to be something that can be utilized. The first article I found was titled “Violence exposure in real-life,video games, television, movies and the internet:is there desensitization?” by Jeanne B, Funk, Tracie Pasold, Heidi Bechtoldt, Baldacci, and Jennifer Baumgardner. Although the pdf was locked behind a paywall I took a read at the abstract and i was interested in the contents. It talks about where the types of media we have today can be used as a therapy technique known as desensitization. This article was published by the University of Toledo. The second article was titled “Do Video Games Inspire Violent Behavior?” by Gregg Toppo. Im not sure about the publisher name as it was not explicitly stated, but i found it on a website called Scientific American. It took a look at the people responsible for the sand hook elementary school shooting at snooped around the culprits room to find a lot of violent items such as movies, video games, gun magazines(catalogs), and a recipe for TNT. In all of this, wat drove the bot to do what he did was because of Dance Dance Revolution. I am not 100% percent sure about the details so don’t quote me on any of this. I will read more into it and possibly find more articles that may use the same keywords but talk about different things.

  2. Okay so not to disappoint you but I have been really struggling with getting an understand on what I’m really supposed to have in this essay or research paper. Ummm I have read some articles, I mean browsed through them, but still haven’t quite caught the purpose of it. If I knew it would be so much easier for me to read texts and stuff. I didn’t want to write this but I didn’t want it to seem as if I just didn’t do the blog so here you go. 🙂

  3. a majority of the essays information is gonna be based on my first hand experience, yea im going to read some articles, but there isn’t much that i haven’t seen happen in real time that can be found on an article written by someone who hasn’t been there from the start. the topic is gonna be underage online gambling/betting using ingame commodities worth real money.

  4. On the day the class went to the library.bI search up the relationship between social media and romance. I came across a book that is in City Tech liberty which I will look into. Barely any articles came up which deal with social media and anything with romance. I just started looking into this topic and hope I will find an interesting article soon.

  5. The database I’ve used is onesearch.cuny.edu. I don’t know why but I’ve used it for all 3 articles I’ve stumbled upon. The first one is titled “What is Datamining and how does it work?” by Toon Calders and Bart Custers. The second one is titled “Policy matters now and in the future: Net nuetralize corporate data-mining, and government surveillance” by Mckee, Heidi A. The final article is “No place to hide” by Robert O’Harrow Jr. All of these articles caught my interest the moment I spotted them. I haven’t read them yet but judging by the titles, it will help me with my research essay.

  6. For my research I decided to use key terms like “self image” and “internet addiction”. I used the database Academic Search Complete and I found a few articles that caught my attention. The first article is titled “Musle in the Age of Instagram” by Daniel Kunitz. The second is called “Social Media and Body Image: #Fitsperation at its Worst” by Nancy Clark. I haven’t quite found a third article that caught my eye the way these did, but I do plan to soon conduct a second search with different keywords and see what I can find.

  7. Research papers have always been my downfall. Well essays alone but trying to search for articles that relates to any of the topics are difficult. The only thing that intrigued me was the effects on trauma and lost. Three key terms i used was death and social media, grieving online and how is death portrayed in our society

  8. For my research essay, I wanted to focus on the relationship between romance and social media. The database I used was Google Scholar since that is the only database that I know of at the top of my head. I used the key words such as “online dating” and “tinder” to find any articles relating to the topic that I want to write about. At first I was quite unsure what to type in on the serachbox. But then I thought that it would be better if I just searched up some key words without getting too specific so that I can come across a variety of articles to read through.

  9. so as i decided on my topic i started to think about search engines that would give me articles that were reliable and that would actually catch my attention because i know myself , and i know if there was an article that i didn’t want to read i wouldn’t read it , so i didn’t use any of the search engines that were shown to us that day at the library the whole class was there. I mean i tried using Google scholar but like i said i didn’t find any good ones. So i used the New York Times to search up articles and i did find them, one was by Zerlina Maxwell and another by Megan McCluskey

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