10.1 | How has the internet made plagiarism easier?

At the bottom of the library handout, there is a statement about “plagiarism.”  To develop our collective understanding of what this term means, I want you to write a brief (2-4 paragraph) essay exploring several different examples of plagiarism involving the internet.  In other words, teach me some of the ways in which you or others you know have used the internet to plagiarize.

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  1. Plagerism is taking someone else and work and using as if you wrote or created it. Before in school when we had to writing assignments we had to search for things related to the topic. We had to use any articles or books that we found. When the internet came as a tool for people to use it made it easier to just write down whatever we saw. We did that by taking paragraphs and just rephrasing it by taking out a sentence that we knew didnt sound like our writing. Sometimes when we felt lazy we’d grab a passage from a few sources and merge them together to make it seem as if we wrote it. What made that easier was all you had to do was write an intro and conclusion.
    Teachers became hip to it and so did others so they developed software where you can upload and essay and it searches the internet to see if theres any plagiarism in it. Once that came about you had to become revision savy. Using the thesaurus to take out complicated words that you didnt know the definition to, just incase your teacher asked. Or even use a million quotes in your essay and elaborated on it. The internet has a big database of information that you can search any topic and find a minimum of 10 articles to copy from and use the information as your own.

  2. Plagiarism is mainly taking someone work or idea and making it seem like it is your own. Most people think if you copy and paste an text then simply change a couple of words another it automatically becomes theres. But come back to reality it isn’t still yours. Plagiarism is really common once you start using it often. The problem is that students today are faced not only with increasing pressure and a consequent temptation to plagiarise, but also with the potential to plagiarise being ever more available via the Internet.

    Do you think I wrote that last sentence in the first paragraph? Nah I didn’t I got it off the internet see how easy plagiarism can happen. Most people see a sentence or paragraph that look great so we want it to be ours without giving credit to the person who actually came up with it.

  3. Plagiarism is copying others work like taking ideas from others, either without giving them credit or simply just not having permission to take over. I think others may confuse plagiarism when using the internet because some may think just by changing a few words around its counted as their own. Others just seem to lose their creativity so they use the internet in search for answers or ideas to create “their own”. That is why now a days schools have programs that can identify when plagiarism is being committed some may think they can get away with it, doing it intentionally and others have no idea they’re even plagiarizing.

    There are people that come to me and tell me about their homework sometimes, I had this friend who was like “yeo does this seem something I would say?” and I told him honestly not really but he was like “what about it does it make it seem its not my work?”, I said it was the vocabulary he used in some of his sentences. But he told me he looked up their definition just in case the teacher asked him about it. Next day teacher confronts him in front of the whole classroom talking about how all she had to do was type in the first sentence in google and there it was, the whole paragraph copied from online. Even though he mentioned he changed a couple of words around it still came up. It was still counted as plagiarism.

  4. Plagiarism is basically copying and using someone else’s ideas , words , work etc and using it for your own benefit. Plagiarism has become big because of the internet. People like to copy and paste things from the internet on the topic they are looking for because they are too lazy to do it themselves such as me . I have plagiarized by copy and pasting things I found in the internet. And a lot of people my age are doing this more and more because they are getting used to it . Especially when they have to do an assignment in the last minute , they resort to plagiarism because it’s their only option that’s fast enough so they can get it out of the way .

    plagiarism is big with homework and essays in my opinion . Some people are too lazy to do their homework so they ask their friend or classmate for the homework and just copy it or reword the whole thing . This is another form of plagiarism. In essays also as I mentioned before Some people like to copy and paste some ideas they find on the internet and add it to their essays if not they just go to a website that has a paraphraser and you put your sentence in and it paraphrases it for you. There is actually a solution to plagiarism and it’s called turnitin . It’s for submitting essays and the website checks if the essay that this student submitted was plagiarized and how much percent of it was

  5. right now in the Youtube community, there are some ongoing plagerism scandals revolving around copying video ideas. i came across a fairly large youtuber who released a video showcasing how another much large youtuber, was literally copying almost every single video of his and getting away with tons of viewership with little to no effort. the smaller youtuber would release a video about a new topic based around his channels content, which no other youtuber has posted about, and about 2-3 days later, we see a video being posted by the much larger youtuber about the exact same topic, with an extremely similar title and thumbnail, and with poor acting in said video, pretending as if this is the first time he is hearing about the newly surfaced information. to put it in perspective, the Original creator of the video has a subscriber count of 141,000. and the plagiarizer has 1.7 million subscribers. The nerve of this guy to pretty much steal the content of way smaller youtubers is honestly sickening. and the worst part is, there has been no repercussion for this guys actions, even after the smaller youtuber exposed every case of plagiarism this guy had churned out

  6. Plagiarism is the use of someone’s work without his or her consent or credibility. It occurs many different forms, but it is specified towards writing. In order for one not to plagiarize, he or she must cite where they their information from. An example of plagiarism may be if someone using information from a textbook (a quote, idea, etc.) and he or she does not include a citation of the book. This is considered plagiarism because the writer is presenting the work as if it’s his or her own.

    Another example of plagiarism is when someone takes information from a website. I believe this is easiest way someone can plagiarize. Taking information from the Internet seems harmless but that is the easiest way to get caught. When you steal information from an online article, a website, or a blog post, without citing it you are plagiarizing. Some people also steal work and try to reword it to their own ability that is also considered plagiarism. Even authors cite their work, yet they don’t present it as if it was their own. Citing your references is the perfect way to avoid plagiarism.

  7. Plagiarism can be defined into many ways. Inability to cite a source is one example. Another one is copying word to word from anyone. However, many people (including myself) thinks if they can find synonyms relating to the words someone else used, it wouldn’t exactly be called plagiarism. As long as you drastically change the words in the sentence and remix it with your ideas, I don’t think it’s considered plagiarizing. However, it could be seen as unethical because in some way, it’s the same concept/template. It’s always best to cite the source instead of plagiarizing. You won’t gain recognition but it’s better than being embarrassed for claiming one’s work to be your own.

  8. Technology has made plagiarism so much easier nowadays, a person with a couple of clicks can simply copy another person’s work in matter of seconds and call it theirs. Plagiarism means to take someone’s work and calling it your own without putting effort to it or editing it and making it as their own perspective.
    Researchers say academic plagiarism is on the rice now, since we are becoming more and more technologically advanced. A research survey was done and well over half of the students admitted to have plagiarized at least some content from the web and the numbers will keep rising. This problem is bad and it will not get any better. Most people tend to look for ideas and not try to plagiarize but others just copy the work as is and try go get credited for it. Why is plagiarism on the rise? Just simply because copying and pasting is way easier than actually researching and making it your own.
    If we go back in Time plagiarism was actually really hard, you had to go to a library and look for your content. Then you would actually try to copy word for word. But in my opinion i do not think people would actually copy word for word because of the lack of information and the spread of sources the internet brings. But with the internet it has been made hundreds of times easier, you only have to copy/paste and in matters of seconds you can turn it into your own words. This is less time consuming and fills up your assignment with words easily.
    In conclusion plagiarism is being used all over the world and it will keep spreading because it saves time and it’s just simply easier. This also changes the environment of education now since students can simply get an “A” by just copying and pasting another person’s work. This makes it very unfair for the ones who actually do their work and take their time doing their work.

  9. Plagiarism is taking credit for someone else’s work and claiming it as your own. I believe that people are guilty of participating in such action due to being lazy and uncreative. I can easily say this myself because I have quickly read something online, changed up the words, and claimed it as my own creative work. With the internet, plagiarism has become that much easier. Well written articles are at the palm of our hands, and all it takes is a quick research and reading. Most people tend to not exactly copy a sentence word by word, but paraphrase that sentence that they want to use in their writing. I think that most people think of plagiarism as a “copy and paste” issue, but that’s not exactly the case. Copy and paste is way too overrated and talked about to be done by students. Plagiarism is basically grabbing other peoples ideas or statements and it is claimed as your own content.

    There’s been cases where people openly plagiarize without shame. For example, meme twitter accounts- “relatable posts”. There are far too many accounts on Twitter that share a funny posts online that originally came from a real life human with a story rather than an account that is called “@RelatableQuotes” on Twitter with a picture of Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty as their profile picture. Twitter accounts like these grab a trending post and repost the same content without credit of the original owner.

  10. Plagiarism is taking someone’s work and calling it your own. The internet has made plagiarism easier because the information is easily accessible, and humans can get lazy. people also plagiarize due to poor time management. If all the information that is needed to use for various reasons is available, it can be very tempting to use.

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