5 thoughts on “Saniel’s image”

  1. Saniel’s image is pretty interesting. The mage consist of an arm with several syringes injected in it. Each syringe represents different social media platforms such as, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, and Snapchat. My interpretation of the image is that social media is as addicting as heroin or any other substance you can inject in your body. The reason I interpreted this image this way is because there is only one needle that does not represent a social platform, I believed this needle was be placed there to compare the addiction to actual drugs and addiction to social media. This anonymous needle shows how similar regular drugs are to social media.

  2. The way ive interpreted this image is, the various needles are different social media networks. we use some of them more often than others and it’s becoming a part of our everyday lives .using these networks is a habit, which is slowly turning addiction (which is what the needle may represent)

  3. This image has a lot of different meanings, the way I interpreted is how social media is getting us addicted more and more, and how bad it is for us when we get addicted. This basically makes social media look like a drug, so hard to get away from.

  4. Powerful stuff.
    The internet, like heroin or injectable cocaine or methamphetamines, is a psychoactive drug. Social media companies are taking advantage of this fact, either to capitalize off exposing users to ads and subliminal messages, or to create an ever-growing dependent population, or both. Of course, the end user has the discretion whether or not to use these services, but technology is heading into the age of Facebook and Twitter.

  5. spaniel’s image was pretty mindblowing. it explicitly showed all the things we have been putting into our systems as pure drugs. then on the other hand I asked myself, who would take this positively? Who would find it okay for someone to do this to themselves? if saniel could find a picture like this that means that social media has spiraled out of control. I interpreted this image as the hand being the drug abuser and the drugs being the addiction. I mean if you really think about it, who puts four needles into themselves at the same time if its not an addiction or something overwhelming. overall, I loved this picture.

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