3.2 Quoting & Responding to Turkle’s Essay

Referring to the “Quotation” exercise we worked on in class, quote a passage from Turkle’s chapter titled “Romance.”  In your response, include an explanation of the context the quote appears in.  What is going on in this part of her essay?  What is Turkle discussing in the nearby sentences and paragraphs?  Do you notice her using any “elements of narrative”?  Who are the “characters” in this essay?  Is there “action” or “conflict” that these characters are involved in?

In light of this context, what do you think the significance of the passage you’ve quoted is?  What does the quoted passage do to you as a reader?  How do you think it contributes to the essay as a whole?  Does it develop the “action(s)” Turkle is narrating?  Does the passage analyze the “action” or the “characters”?  Is Turkle making a “point” in this passage?  What exactly is she saying? Explain!

Essay Submission Instructions (Essay 2 draft due Thursday)

1. Open Google template (in the “Writing Assignments” tab on website).
2. Replace the text in the template with your info and essay.  Keep the formatting (the line spacing, the paragraph indents, etc.) the same!
3. Title your essay.  (Good titles express an interesting or important part of what the author is trying to say.)
4. In the upper-left part of the screen click the title of the Google Doc and re-title it (Full Name, Essay 1).
5. In the upper-right part of the screen, click “Share” (see screenshot #1 here).
6. In pop-up window (upper right), click “Get Sharable Link.” (view screenshot #2 here).
7. In the drop-down menu, select “Anyone with the link can EDIT.”
8. Copy the Google Doc link (view screenshot #3 here).
9. Return to course website and click “Assignment Submissions” ( <– here, and in the “Writing Assignments” tab).
10. Fill in your info.
11. Paste the Google Doc link in the final field of the form.
12. Submit!