3.1 Online Conversation

For this post, I want you to find a conversation you’ve had with someone on your phone that you feel comfortable sharing. Then I want you to introduce the “setting” and “context” of this conversation (where/when did it happen? what was it about?). Next, write out at least 10 lines of back-and-forth from the conversation.

Lastly, I want you to comment on particular words you and/or the person you were texting used that stood out to you (and why).

16 thoughts on “3.1 Online Conversation”

  1. Context: Conversation with my ex-boyfriend after losing contact so many fucking times.
    Setting: In my bed, through Instagram DM (#which I hate using)

    Me: “How’ve you been, beautiful?”
    Me: “tbh, you’re like the only ex I have that I still respect lol”
    X: “ive been great you?”
    Me: “busy with college lol”
    X: “And really? that means a lot. Same here ( :] )
    X: “ohhh shit”
    X: “thats great”
    Me: “crazy how we met so long ago on omegle”
    X: “i know right”
    X: “i was think about that”
    Me: “icu performing on stage yasss”
    X: “yess thank you”
    X: “its what I was made to do ya feel”
    Me: “because what we felt together was real :)”
    X: “i know”
    X: “its sad things went down the way they did.”
    Me: “Yeah :(”
    X: “imy”
    Me: “likewise”

    *Few days ago*

    X: “heyy”
    X: “your story has me deadd”
    Me: “thanks”
    X: “are you okay”
    Me: “couldn’t be better”

    1. @ ^^ The first particular word that stood out of me was when he said that my Instagram story had him “deadd” and it made me realize how often people use that word. Another particular word that stood out to me was when he asked me if I was “okay”. If you think about it, the word “okay” can have multiple interpretations. Okay could mean I’m alive, breathing, and healthy, or that my mental health is at that of a “sane” person’s.

  2. Context: texting with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while
    Setting: on my computer texting on discord( don’t know why we didn’t voice chat at the time)

    Me: I need me some sonic mania but im broke

    ali: Nahhh just get the og
    Sonic collection
    Only a few of us know about that

    me: sonic collection is it on consoles or pc

    ali: PS2 but should be on PC by now

    me: man i dont got that ancient device

    ( sends me a youtube )
    OK M2K

    Me: god damn
    the falco punch though

    ali: falcon ditos ez

    me: that reminds me i need a new 3ds

    ali: nooooo
    u need a 2ds
    save up for wiiu
    b smart
    ( wink face emote )

    me: i broke both r and l
    playing smash
    now im down using the control pad to grab

    ali: LOL
    like i said 2ds

    Well, I guess the most interesting words we use ( that was not just bad grammar ) was terms like M2K which is Mew Two King and og which is original, I believe. We mostly use these terms to shorten a sentence when texting which is pretty useful at a time but I can also get frustrated when trying to decipher what my friend said.

  3. Context: My Bestfriend (Ruth) and I were discussing how we felt about our schools so far.
    Setting: This conversation was on snapchat because I was not in the right place to FaceTime.

    Ruth: Comments on my latest snap post * “I swear I wish u was here yoooooo.”

    me: “lmfao* 🙂 🙂 :)”

    Ruth: “Nah there’s this f boy I met. I know he’s a Yoruba demon cause he’s mad cute and mad tall and there’s this other one Yoruba angel, I’ll save that one for marriage.”

    me: “Lml I’m dead….. Yoruba demon” *Laughing emoji’s. ” I think I my school is ight so far, I mean there are cute boys but I haven’t really been focused on that cuz I been stressed about all the reading and stuff. Bro my math teacher doesn’t even speak English ooooooo.”

    Ruth: “Lmao, Kathy please change that class or find a way to do the work without the help of the teacher.”

    me: “Yea i’m gunna try. I mean the school isn’t that bad.”

    Ruth: “Kathy trust me, we got this. This year is gunna go by so fast. We gunna be alright in Jesus name.”

    me: “lol, love you baby. I really needed that.”

    Ruth: “Love you too my love. Anyways lemme leave u alright I’m a little busy right now. We facetiming tonight right?”

    Me: “yea ttyl.”

    My Comment: To be honest, the words that stood out to me in this conversation was ” Yoruba demon”. I found this particular word so hilarious because my bestfriend loves to exaggerate all the time so it was really funny how she came up with such a phrase. Another phrase that stood out to me was the ” I love you” and the “I love you too.” Why? Just because it seemed like a good moment to me. It sounds weird but seriously, you know when you read a text and it’s like your not even in the same place you were in five minutes ago? Yea, that’s kinda how I felt.

  4. Context: Texting my little cousin about a party he wanted me to take him to.

    Setting: In my dinning room eating, The conversation was through Instagram DM’s.

    Him: Yo you doing anything December 12??

    Me: Nah bro why wassup?

    Him: We out to this girl party broh she live 180 in valentine. She said she’ll take take us.

    Me: lol I live right there

    Him: Alright but my mom not letting me leave if you not with me(laughing emoji)

    Him again: Yo plz take me, the girl that want me to go really feeling me and I’m trynna hit that (crying emoji)

    Me: Lmao I’II see what I’m doing cuz i don’t fuck with niggas from there much

    Me again: And what her name?

    Him: Angie

    Me: She from the bx?

    Him: No

    Him again: She live in 145

    Me: Who party is it?

    Him: idk broh

    Particular words that stood out in my conversation were Broh and wassup. These words stood out to me because it is spelled incorrect on purpose and i use it regularly through conversations with people.

  5. context: me and my friend talking about random topics
    settings: I’m in my bed playing a game and she is still on vacation in Canada. We are talking via iMessage.

    her: oh nija boo I got a question

    me: yes papi wassup

    her: lol I can’t with you

    her: anywho since Cunningham leaving pretty soon when are we going to see our mother

    me:Tuesday cuz they start Thursday

    me: wait when do you come back to America

    her: I had to stay back for my baby cousin Christine so I’m not coming back until later

    me: okay so we go when you come back

    her: ight sexy

    comments: One word that stuck out to me was when my friend used the term “mother” to refer to our high school guidance counselor. this stood out to me because in high school my friend and I went to her for everything. There was never a day where we didn’t stop in her office. we always helped her with work and sat with her when we had a problem. It wasn’t until our graduation when she broke the news to us that we her last graduating class and that she was retiring.

  6. Setting/context: im home laying down after a calm 16 hr shift talking to my friend thru texts. At this point im exhausted and my sarcasm turns up a notch. My friend was preparing herself to move but i had no idea where or what she was doing. I just knew we were texting.

    Her: i just wanna pack this shit
    Me: u shouldve been did dot
    Her: ive been like f it…im in lowes getting supplies… gonna do a lil before work tonight
    Me: u sounding hurricane ready beloved

  7. Contest: Conversation with my friends, day before first day of college.
    Setting: on my computer, through messenger sometimes by my phone…

    Me: lets make plans for this friday
    mo: whats up?
    mo: bbq?
    me: whats on your mind
    me: whats else
    mo: yeah throw a bbq from us
    mo: have some beer and sh*t
    mo: first gatta see how many ppl got tho
    me: yeha
    me: we gon call it farewell summer bbq
    me: this is almost over
    me: lmfaoo
    asraf: how many people going
    asraf: invite of the 194 ppl
    Asraf: not everyone only people close to us
    asraf: may be 8 to 9 ppl.
    mo: make sure that bit*h dont come or we kicked outta pelham.
    asraf: i’m not gonna invite parkchaster people..
    hasan: we have to pay 50
    me: we can figure out that later

    My comment: based on my group conversation i can say that we didn’t use proper grammar and good words. sometime we don’t say the whole word to discuss we just say some worlds that define what we meant.

  8. Context: My friend in my group chat talking about Sleep paralysis.
    Setting: I am home studying for a test on Tuesday.

    Ray: “I almost had sleep paralysis last night”
    Dev: “Oh nah”
    Me: ” Boy What”
    Ray: “Bro i went to sleep but I was wide awake”
    Dev: “Lmao N***a woke up Ned was like hell nah”
    Me: “Nah you was off of something”
    Ray: “Bro i felt some sh*t pulling off my covers
    Dev: “Oh NAH” *2 CRYING EMOJI*
    Dev: “N***a woke up nd said chill”
    “LMAO that happen after yu watched that video” *crying video*
    Ray: “I barely watched it but i saw the door close mad quick”
    Me: “LMAO I’m weak”
    Ray: “Bro the piano was playing by it self”
    Me: “What video” *eyes emoji*
    Ray: “Chris you got to watch it”

    Comments: Some words that stood out to me is Ray first text message because it caught me completely off guard while I was studying.

  9. Context : Me and my friend talking about the basketballs game because we bet on them
    Setting: On my bed using my phone and watching the game

    Danny: today is payday bro I’m telling you

    Me: facts bro I’m dumb hype

    Danny: send me the flick the ticket

    Me: *sends pic of the ticket*

    Danny : did I not tell u to bet on the cavs smh I’m a prophet bro lelele

    Me: I mean it’s the cavs bro obviously

    Danny: Boston was lowkey a shaky pick but thank god they hit

    Me: facts they barley covered the spread *nervous emoji *

    Danny: lelele peep the score bro this is easy money I told you today is payday smh

    Me: facts it’s lit

    Danny: it’s a wrap bro only a minute left for the last quarter told u to bet today

    Danny: #trustindanny

    Me : leleleel good shit bro we finally hit

    Danny : lelelel *green check emoji *

    Comments : the words that stood out to me is “lelelel” which is like a internet slang for like lol , also the word “facts” , it’s like a New York word that generally all people around my age use it , the same goes with “bro”

  10. The following conversation involved me and a friend, sometime in our senior year of high school. We were arranging plans to meet up and play basketball.

    Me: What’s up..

    Friend: Yo

    Me: I’m playing ball with John on Friday, you should come

    Friend: Nah man, you can’t guard me..

    Me: lol bro stfu
    You’re buns

    Friend: lmao you’re a clown bro

    Me: you’ve already seen the jelly


  11. Context: Relationships/ break up to make up.
    Duration:7 min
    Location:Staten Island, New York
    Date/ Time: 9/11/17,12:01pm
    I and a former friend of mine were having a conversation about her and her verbally, emotionally & psychiatrically abusive boyfriend for now the 3rd time he’s broken up with her and she has taken him back. The language used in this conversation was very vulgar due to emotions being expressed. I would want you to imagine talking to a brick wall, that’s how I felt.
    Linda: So it seems we’re not broken up, we’re just separated.
    Tinna: wat??
    Linda: me and Luis are separated, I offer we go to counseling and get help but he didn’t want to.
    Me: I could see why, your not married.
    Me: didn’t we speak Linda??, didn’t I ask you to stay away from him? Why do you continuously put your emotions on the line just to get back with a dude who doesn’t know how to treat you??
    Linda: I love him!!!!
    Me & Tinna: THATS NOT LOVE!!!!!
    Me: you know what go ahead, get counseling and therapy go to a fucking psychologist for all I care I’m done, your on your own!!!
    Me I hope he was worth it
    Linda: ugh why are you acting like this????
    Me: I would ask you the same question

  12. Context: Talking to a friend
    Duration: an hr
    Location: Bronx
    Date/Time: 9/3/17
    Frank: Yooo
    Me: Yoooo
    Frank: wyd
    Me: chilling
    Frank: come outside to the park
    Me: copy
    *20 minutes passes by*
    Frank: yoooo wya!!
    Me: my bad bro i was doing something for my mom
    Frank: smh come out now or im leaving
    *15 minutes passes by*
    Frank:aiight im leaving now
    Me: chilllllll
    Me: i’m coming down now

    Me and best friend Frank frequently play basketball in the neighborhood. We’ve been friends for a healthy amount of time.

  13. Context: My friend and I talking about our plans for the next day (Sunday) and having to get my parents permission first before we officially hangout
    Setting: In my room, constantly looking at my phone to get her response because it was getting late

    Her: Ok imma sleep bc imma die if I don’t but I’ll text u tmm BBS

    Me: I’m about to ask!!! HOLD ON
    Me: Okay first, how are we going to meet up? Do you want to meet up at the union square Barnes and Noble or you want to meet up at a specific area?
    Me: I honestly feel like I have ocd, like I have to know it all

    Her: I think we should meet up there bc I can take the L from around my house !! And get there relatively quick
    Her: Hehe it’s ok
    Her: Yea meet up in front of the Barnes and noble def !!

    Me: Orale *emoji with shades*
    Me: Okay sounds cool!

    Her: *4 kissing emojis*

    (The next morning)

    Me: Bruh are you ready yet?
    Me: I’m still home
    Me: Hey text me from your new number, I have the old one and the new one I just don’t know which one is which so eeks
    Me: Answer back to this through my phone number please, I’m heading out now

    Her: I’ll get ready quickkkkk


    Her: I really want to die in this moment
    Her: Idk how this happened this never happens fkdksns

    The words that stood out to me were “I really want to die” because my friend wasn’t being literal and when people say that, it is a form of expression. What it ready means is that they don’t like their current situation and that they are exhausted. Another word that stood out to me was my friend’s “fkdksns” this is the new “lol”. It’s been a trend that began going on to replace the lol, people call it “keyboard smash” to express that they find something funny.

  14. Cassandra: Hey Bobbertttt
    me: yeo
    Cassandra: When do you want to chillando
    me:”chillando” (laughing emojix2)
    cassandra: shut up
    me: where tf did you get that from
    cassandra: don’t worry about it
    cassandra: but when fr?
    me: imma let you know.
    The word chillando stood out the most, because I see it as a creative yet stupid slang word

  15. Context: My friend and I that are always talking about our cars, and he is complaining about how his car died
    Setting: At my job trying to work but I couldn’t stop laughing because of the way he complained.
    Him:My car died after using a obd2 scanner
    Me:Did it turn back on?
    Him:It doesn’t want to turn back on
    Him:Some people say the Ecu is fucked up or is the battery
    Me:Damn wtf is any lights on?
    Him:The lights are going on and off
    Me:Like flickering when you turn the key?
    Him:Yes tomorrow I’m buying a jump starter
    Me:Its the battery bro that happened to me, just try jumping it with somebody else, be careful tho bc my car died in the middle of the road make sure the battery is not fucked up
    Him:This like the ten time this year I’m getting it checked
    – The word that stood out the most to me is when he said his car”died” becaude he said it in such an angry way it made me laugh.

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