10.2 | Initial Research Findings

For Thursday, read half of Kate Crawford’s “The Anxieties of Big Data” in the Unit 2 Reader.  Also complete “Sentence Fragments” on p. 3 of the Grammar Book.

For the blog: Post below your notes on your initial research process and what you’ve found.  Include database names, publication titles, article titles, and author names for at least 3 texts.  Tell me what interested you (if anything), and why.  Tell me what bored you (if anything), and why.

15 thoughts on “10.2 | Initial Research Findings”

  1. Well to honest since it hasn’t been long since we’ve gotten the essay two paper and life has been so hectic and complex, I didn’t get to fully decide on anything. I have decided to use Lexis Nexis and Academic Search Complete as my databases. I can’t decide whether to have sexting, cyber bullying or internet romance be by my topic but this is as far as I’ve gotten.

  2. Kinda still figuring things out, just like a puzzle, you gotta figure out the pieces before you assemble it. But one thing I have figured out is that I’m definitely going to be using Google Scholar, Oxford English Dictionary, and maybe Wikipedia (because people make up things sometimes) as my resources.

  3. On my research process I learned how the city tech library website works. I learn that order for me to log in I have to use my LIB# on my school ID card but First the card have to be activated. Once I get on the site I would be able to access other CUNY school libraries not just mines and I like how they have a 24 hour librarian chat room available to assist you with whatever you are searching for. I think that’s really cool. I learnt about the different databases there are which I never knew about. I also learned their differences like for instance google shows information from websites but google scholar show information from articles and PDF I never knew that. I’m still trying to get use to the different databases they have but I think I’m focusing more towards Academic Search Complete database. This database seem more knowledgeable with there information to me. The titles I put in my search box once I got on this database was The internet then I put social media as well as adolescents.
    Alot of information came up with different articles but what caught my attention was “The Internet Made Me Do It”: Social Media and Potential for Violence in Adolescents.
    Authors: Gansner, Meredith E.1
    Source: Psychiatric Times. Sep 2017, Vol. 34 Issue 9, p32-33. 2p.
    Once I seen this article I didn’t even read the description but I was like I know this has something to do with cyberbulling because of the beginning of the title stating “The Internet Made Me Do It”. Then I started brainstorming on what type of violence will they mention in this article and did anyone get hurt or not also what did the character do that the author will mention?. I’m still searching so this is just the rough draft of my search.

  4. Well my research is on online addiction+online gaming and how the effect each other. Two of the databases that i have used to begin my search and will continue to use are google Scholar and The New York Public Library page. Twoof the articles that i have found are
    -Ng, Brian D., and Peter Wiemer-Hastings. “Addiction to the internet and online gaming.” Cyberpsychology & behavior 8.2 (2005): 110-113.
    -Griffiths, Mark D. “The role of context in online gaming excess and addiction: Some case study evidence.” International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 8.1 (2010): 119-125.
    These two articles have told me things that i kinda knew so they weren’t really interesting but they weren’t boring neither.

  5. For my research, I am going to learn more about the way social media has an impact on the youth when it comes to their vocabulary. My research engine, for now, is Google Scholar.
    Articles I found there “‘Happy and excited’: Perceptions of using digital technology and social media by young people who use augmentative and alternative communication,” By Amanda Hynan, Janice Murray, and Juliet Goldbart, published January 27th, 2014. Another which also seemed to catch my interest was another article called, “Girls Text Really Weird”: Gender, Texting, and Identity Among Teens.” by Rich Ling, Naomi S. Baron, Amanda Lenhart & Scott W. Campbell, published in July 31st, 2014.
    One that I also think I might be interested in would have been “Urban adolescent students and technology: access, use, and interest in learning language and literacy” by Jia Li, Catherine Snow & Claire White, published 25th March 2014, but I don’t think it conforms to what I’m in search of, the first two articles, however, seem to be leading me into the right direction but not towards anything solid because I’m still open to obtaining information from other sources.

  6. Hello Monroe,
    My research paper is based on technology and how its truly affected and affecting every single one of us. I will be researching about the virtual life. Virtual romance, identity crisis and social life shall be included in my paper. I’ll be interviewing two people to get their thoughts and learn how their views differ or may not differ from my thesis. Since my research paper seems comprehensive, I haven’t set a clear thesis that will actually sum up my assignment.
    I have read a couple of article but none have caught my attention as much as ‘Virtually you : the dangerous powers of the e-personality’ an article written by W.W. Norton. I am still searching for a perfect article that can back up my thesis and or my whole entire research.

  7. so far in the articles that I have emailed to myself the articles that fall under sexting have unsettling results of the amounts of people that do this type of action. But other articles are biased towards a certain race and gender group for example “The present study explored associations between sexually explicit text messaging (sexting), social media use, and engagement in risky sexual behaviors among young adult women to determine whether online sexting and social media activity was associated with real world sexual behaviors”- Journal of health disparities research and practice volume 10, issue 1 spring 2017. I’m using Lexis Nexis and the next database will be google scholar

  8. I haven’t decided yet what my research will be about but I came across two good articles. The first is “Cyberbullying is Dangerous” by Phillips, Suzanne and edited by Noah Berlatsky and the second one is “Haven’t we met somewhere before? the effect of a brief internet introduction on social anxiety in a subsequent face to face interaction” by Markovitzki, Omer. The second one seems interesting. It’s about the way social networks has changed the way many of us maintain social contacts.For now I am using these databases, Opposing Viewpoints, One search and google scholar. I am open to use different ones just to widen my research. However since
    I haven’t chosen my topic yet I guess I will stick to databases for now and then I will figure out which one fits best with my research.

  9. The process is coming along slowly but for right now I found an article on Internet addiction on academic search complete. I haven’t have a question I wanted to research. I’m still working on developing my questions to have a strong research paper. I need more scholar sources and databases. I guess for an question I could say is ” Can internet addiction be a harm to social life.

  10. Wasn’t really sure about what to do but I went on google scholar and searched immigration, I think I want to do my paper on that or do I ? Anyways I didnt really liked the fact that most books were focused on curtain issues and not the whole idea as to why people must be here.

  11. I am doing gaming and gambling addiction online I was reading a pdf that shows that test that was given to 700 youth to see how lon the would last in a 45 min class some played non gambling game and lasted 74 min and for playing gambling games is was 10 min amount the female and male supposly it met the criteria sets for gambling and Internet gaming disorder

  12. Online romance will be my topic for my research paper but choosing a database is still something I’m looking into. Online romance has grown with technology most people are clicking on a pretty picture with out getting to know the actual person but who doesn’t get caught up by a pretty face before they actually get to know the person so this research will definitely have some interesting facts and points

  13. In my reserach I found an article by Rodriguez, Lindsey M.; Weckam, Robert E Øverup, Camilla S.; Amspoker, Amber B. In the text they focus on communication in relationships. But it turned outf it had nothing to do with technology. Another article I found on Academic search complete was about people in a relatio nship, talking to each other through online messaging. The third source that I found was a book on cyberbullying and young bys and girls use of internet. It was a book available in the Library so I have no had a chance to read it yet.
    I found some interesting discussions but nothing really that dragged me towards it. So, I would keep looking and hopefully find some better information for my research.
    For the last part of the question; everything so far seemed boring, maybe because we have already done something similar that discusses these issues. I believe, that I will find something unique as I go through some of the other readings.

  14. Ever since last Thursday when we went to the library for research, I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna do the essay on. On thursday I decided to do the essay on “online romance,” I found on article on one of the data bases called “What Lies Beneath: The Linguistic Traces of Deception in Online Dating Profiles” by Toma, Catalina L.1 Hancock, Jeffrey T.2. Now after careful consideration and looking at all of my choices I am going to do my essay on “data mining.” I still have yet to find out what resources I’m goning to be using but one article that I’m looking at was the one you gave us. This is what I have so far but I’ll be looking at articles from Wikileaks and other databases.

  15. writing this paper was a struggle. I came up with many different topics that appealed to me, but I just couldn’t form a good question out of them, nor find an article that was worthy or interesting enough to read. finally, I came to the conclusion to write about online grief.
    the first website I went on was google scholar through the search engine Google. I found an article titled “Tweeting Prayers and Communicating Grief Over Michael Jackson Online,” by Sanderson, & Cheong. another article through the school’s website through the database academic search complete is entitled “Online Memorialization and Grief After Suicide: An Analysis of Suicide Memorials on the Internet.” by Krysinska K, Andriessen K. those articles bored me because they contained quantitative data which I had no interest in. a Third article in the same database is titled “ Beyond the Grave: Facebook as a site For the Expansion of Death and Mourning” by Brubaker, Hayes, & Dourish.

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