10.1 | How has the internet made plagiarism easier?

At the bottom of the library handout, there is a statement about “plagiarism.”  To develop our collective understanding of what this term means, I want you to write a brief (2-4 paragraph) essay exploring several different examples of plagiarism involving the internet.  In other words, teach me some of the ways in which you or others you know have used the internet to plagiarize.

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  1. when i search up “examples of plagiarism” i get two results of direct plagiarism and mosaic plagiarism. direct plagiarism is when you borrow word from word from and unacknowledged source. mosaic plagiarism is when a writer reuses a mix of words,phrases, or ideas from a source without indicating which words, phrases, or ideas were borrowed. As for me i do not believe that i have plagiarized any of my works. every time i needed help with an assignment that i needed research i always asked my sister to help me.
    as for people that i know, there were always people i known in highschool that got away with essays entirely plagiarized and handed in. there was this kid in my highschool that use to get nothing but a’s in all his classes. i never knew how he would do so well until one day i decided to ask him. he had told me he just copy and pasted every essay he ever did and would switch up a few sentences in the essay to make it sound like it was his. over all though it just showed me that plagiarism runs further even through just copy and paste.

  2. I don’t know why Mr. Street want the class to give up their secrets on Plagiarism for. lol he think he slick with this one but they say true people don’t tell their secrets so I dont have no words. lmaooo.
    nah but i need a grade so i guess let me spill some people’s beans.!!
    Sometimes plagiarism is simple dishonesty. If you buy, borrow, or steal an essay to turn in as your
    own work you are plagiarizing. If you copy word for word or change a word here and there while
    copying without enclosing the copied passage in quotation marks and identifying the author, you are
    also plagiarizing.
    So there are many types of Plagiarism like:
    Direct plagiarism is the word-for-word transcription of a section of someone else’s work, without attribution and without quotation marks.
    Self-plagiarism occurs when a student submits his or her own previous work, or mixes parts of previous works, without permission from all professors involved.
    Mosaic Plagiarism occurs when a student borrows phrases from a source without using quotation marks, or finds synonyms for the author’s language while keeping to the same general structure and meaning of the original.
    Accidental plagiarism occurs when a person neglects to cite their sources, or misquotes their sources, or unintentionally paraphrases a source by using similar words, groups of words, and/or sentence structure without attribution.
    so have I done any of these types, “I’m innocent until proven Guilty”!!!

  3. I personally have never plagiarized because I was too afraid of getting caught. But my beloved high school english teacher, Mr. Boyce, who was arguably the best english teacher ever with Mrs. Russo rivaling him, would tell the class stories of idiot students he had in the past who thought they could get away with plagiarizing his essays. He of course told us this to scary into not plagiarizing but of course people still did it. I’d rather not spill the beens of how it was done in my generation, so I’ll tell some of the tales I remember from good old Mr. Boyce.

    Mr. Boyce told us how one boy simply copied and pasted a website, then handed it in like the essay would be accepted. Or how two students handed in the same essay, word for word. He told us how one student thought he was clever by only plagiarizing one paragraph in his essay. Of course Mr. Boyce failed every student he caught cheating. Mr. Boyce would tell use that if our brains were so much the same that we’re giving in the same essay, that were should see a doctor.

    I know my telling of him stories sound bland and make him look mean, but Mr. Boyce was seriously a great teacher and I really miss him.

  4. Professor why you want to know the secrets of plagiarism those is top secret. But if you must know I’ll share a few secrets, plagiarism is the copying word for word instead of doing your own thing. It’s not only the words that are use repeated often when thinking of plagiarism such as copying, or borrowing of somebody work but in fact when plagiarizing your stealing and passing somebody else’s idea with out giving them credit using it as your own.

  5. Sometimes you just don’t wanna tell the truth. This is one of those days, where you know you have done something wrong but won’t admit it. Intentionally or unintentionally I have plagiarized, but haven’t we all!! I don’t really wanna tell you how I have done it. But I’ll!
    I’m gonna tell you how I plagiarize in math. I’m really bad in math, this is not an excuse in anyway but there is this app called “Photomath” I have used is since I was in high school and it’s very convenient. I just put in the problem and it answers it for me. All I have to do is copy it in my own handwriting and I am done with my work.
    I’m not gonna tell you everything but this is the one thing I feel, I’ll be able to get away with tbh. But I’ll give credit where it’s due.

  6. I would say plagiarism is a form of cheating or shortcut. Sure, it was around before the internet but it has certainly made plagiarism easier and accessible to the students.
    Tbh, I go on google sometimes to look at other people’s text and how they responded to that same question that I am having trouble with, but I don’t think that qualifies as plagiarism. I have witnessed some of my classmates doing it and their text looks absured when they miss on some of the notes i.e. ([2]). That reveals that they got their text from wikipedia.
    It is true that internet has made it so easy and accessible to plagiarize, but at the same time there are softwares that can check students work for plagiarism.
    Recently, I saw a post that explains how one can plagiarize a document without actually any hard work. So, basically all you have to do is look for a text, then copy it into google translate and translate it into some other language. Copy it again and translate it back into English you will have same thing but just in different writing and sentence structure. You can do it twice this time in another language. I was curious about trying it to see if it is true but, I have not used it yet.

  7. On a moral compass stealing is wrong, but even in general stealing is wrong. Imagine how long and hard someone might have worked to complete that dreadful essay. Then there you are, couple hours until the due date and you stumble upon this brilliant essay written by Sam in Arizona. It just so happens that Sam’s essay fits what you have to write so you copy and paste.
    Crying, asking yourself why I got an F for such a perfect essay. That is what is know as plagiarism, but that example was the old way of doing it. Nowadays people have gotten way more crafty with it, instead of stealing one person’s work they steal off of many people’s work, combine it and make it theirs. Personally I love to write so I’ll read and paraphrase but this is the new wave I believe people go about plagiarism.

    1. On a moral compass stealing is wrong, but even in general stealing is wrong. Imagine how long and hard someone might have worked to complete that dreadful essay. Then there you are, couple hours until the due date and you stumble upon this brilliant essay written by Sam in Arizona. It just so happens that Sam’s essay fits what you have to write so you copy and paste.

      Crying, asking yourself why I got an F for such a perfect essay. That is what is know as plagiarism, but that example was the old way of doing it. Nowadays people have gotten way more crafty with it, instead of stealing one person’s work they steal off of many people’s work, combine it and make it theirs. Personally I love to write so I’ll read and paraphrase but this is the new wave I believe people go about plagiarism.

  8. Plagiarism is an evil skill. In other words it’s easier to just call it cheating. Plagiarism in itself is simply the act of passing someone else’s work off as your own. It can be done with anything that deserves recognition and citation. It’s mostly seen in the writing of students with a big essay due.

    Plagiarism can be used anywhere. Even on the internet it’s hard to pin point who’s word is absolute. Namely people take the extra precaution of creating sites about it and post their name everywhere so people know what everything belong to. This is done through the world in forms of publication and articles. Although this is a thing people tend to rip the little details and ideas from the internet and other locations without citation. Due to the internet people can find this information anywhere which means everyone else can. So when people write nice essays beyond their skill level and use details from all over the place claiming them as their own, They’ve plagiarized.

  9. Plagiarism has become an activity of second nature to us. We all tend to use common sites such as Google, Yahoo and Wiki to find answers. I have caught myself rewriting and rephrasing what I find online. Copying word for word has become the ideal tool to complete homework; including essays and short responses. I no longer feel as if blogs are authentic. I’ll read an article followed with a blog and find similarities in the narratives and thesis. Plagiarism is an action who will be strongly accounted for, seems as if we’re being thieves.
    Sneaky ways to get away with plagiarism are vile. Perhaps,sacred to college students or at least for me. I surf the web and get lost deep into random yet accurate informations on the topic I am assigned. I then rephrase the given article and interpret the article in my own words. Not exactly plagiriasm, I suppose but it’s a form of it.Not using your two sense to write an essay is my definition of what plagiarism look like.

  10. Plagiarism is the act copying/borrowing something from an original source without citing or sourcing the source. In many cases we must avoid doing so in one way or another. The main/major way I’ve seen people avoid doing so is by citing their work or change their copied text by using their own words, and by using quotations.Personally I find it hard to change a text into my own words to form an opinion, which makes it hard for me to avoid plagiarism since nowadays It is so easy to find information on the internet. One tip my economic teacher gave me in high school was that when summarizing and paraphrasing someone else’s work always type the rewritten text see if a site come up, if not then you’re safe..

  11. There are different types of plagiarism such as Direct, Self, Mosaic and Accidental Plagiarism. The direct form of plagiarism is simply copying a section of someone’s work word for word without giving them any credit or acknowledgment. Self Plagiarism is like reusing work that you already did for one thing to do another. Mosaic Plagiarism is when students copy lines from authors and not use quotation marks. Accidental Plagiarism happens when a person unintentionally uses someone’s work without mentioning where they sourced it or accidentally using a group of words that are similar to someone else’s work.
    My experience with plagiarism, or what I would consider being plagiarism that I’ve done would be the direct plagiarism by listening to songs, looking up the lyrics to them and using them in my statuses when I post pictures to my social media accounts, which is something I think most young adults do.

  12. Plagiarism , from my current understanding, is the use of someone else’s work without giving them credit. Plagiarism has been around since people began to get notarization for their work. It can occur in many different forms including, but not limited to writing, music, physical art, and symbols. I personally retired my plagiarism tactics when I enrolled to city tech because the risk to reward ratio, for the lack of a better term, doesn’t seem worth it to me. Since before the first research essay I’ve ever attempted I understood that if I was going to plagiarize, that it had to be consistent with the rest of my essay and untraceable. Around that time I had heard stories of teachers searching up lines in essays that they felts were suspicious, so I developed my tacticts specifically to prevent said situation. I would use the old copy and paste method where I would copy anywhere from a couple of words to a couple of sentences from a website and paste it in my essay. I would only target necessary information to avoid the use of any words I didn’t already know how to use. Then from there I would edit a couple of words or change the sequence in which the sentences are constructed, so if a teacher did decide to type a couple of sentences from my essay into a search bar the results wouldn’t match completely. My built in back up plan to this tactic was to switch my sources regularly and only cite sources I quoted. In addition to this I would throw in a couple of random url’s related to the subject. I sort of feel like my retired plagiarism tactic is a bit elaborate, but I’ve seen too many people get caught for terrible plagiarism. From things like copying and pasting an entire paragraph to forgetting to remove the original author’s citing in a stolen sentence. My first research essay was in first grade, and I won’t say that I haven’t completed one since with out some form of plagiarism for the hope of avoiding self incrimination. But what I will say is that if hypothetically this were the case, that I retired plagiarism when I graduated high school because the hours of labor aren’t as bad as the risk I would be taking plagiarizing in college.

  13. plagiarism is when someone copies word for word or copies an image or anything that was made from someone else claiming it as theirs when its copyrighted. But sometimes if the image is not copy righted then its ok because the owners did not claim their work. also, lyrics that artist write put a copyright sign so that no one is able to steal their lyrics.
    I haven’t plagiarized nor have I witnessed someone else doing it because in high school our writing teacher’s were very strict about plagiarism and they always said to rephrase what the person is saying. They called their strict policy of plagiarism “college readiness” because they did not want their past student’s from that high school giving off “bad reputations” to the high school.

  14. The internet has really made plagiarism easy to do. Before, people would have to at least read someone else’s work, and then rewrite it on their own paper. Now, people post up their projects and essays online and anybody can view them. People don’t even have to actually read it, they could just take a quick skim. If they think it’s fine, copy and paste makes what would have took minutes seconds. To make it less apparent that you copied, you can change some words around.
    As for me, I used to look up articles from top newspaper sites like the New York Times, pick a smartly worded sentence or two, and put it in a random paragraph to extend the essay. I thought that it was a good idea to spread sentences around so nobody would find out. My teacher pulled me out of the class one day and showed me all the sentences that I used, and said I could make a whole paragraph out of plagiarized sentences. I then took a 0 for the essay.

  15. Now a day, the internet has made plagiarism so easy, because people often search online when they were in trouble with the works they received, and they wanted the credit. Plagiarism is a term where people copy someone else’s works without phrasing in their own words. I remember when I was in high school, I’ve heard someone wrote a paper that has a deep writing that the person itself don’t even understand what he wrote when it came to presentation. As a result, the teacher gave the person a big ZERO. Also, plagiarism is most common in research papers, because in most research papers, people just copy different works into one work, and people are not even trying to come up they own ways to express the ideas or something new, so be careful with this. Plagiarism could be easy sometimes and receive same amount of credits without doing any hard works. But, the consequences are you might get caught and receive nothing. I believe that doing it by itself, you can learn more than you copy someone else’s works and receive some credits. At lease you’ve tried.

  16. Plagiarism is pretty easy to do with the internet. The internet has so many information that finding information is easy. People are not willing to put the info they got from online into their own words. Copy and paste take a couple of second and boom you have the information you need. I would sometimes do it and not realize that I have to cite the source I got my information from . Technology allowed for Plagiarism to become very easy.

    I heard that people will go online and find people to type their essay for money. This form of plagiarism because you are using someone else words as your own. People can just take information from the internet and not realize they are plagiarizing someone else work. Plagiarism is a serious issue and now it so easy for someone to plagiarize.

  17. Everybody steals someone else ideas in one way or other.The internet has made plagiarism easier. Whether it’s the students or teachers, we all have fallen into that laziness of not using our mind anymore. The internet does it for us. Copy and paste and making it looks like it’s yours is the most famous form of plagiarism. Some people do that without mentioning their sources and others keep the same idea by changing few words or using their own’s which i still believe is another form of copying. I usually use youtube to study math and learn easier methods so I wonder if that’s still plagiarism?

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