8.2 | Two Views of a Scene

For Thursday, I want you to post your two different versions of a scene for Essay 1 that you worked on during class on Tuesday.  For instance, you might choose to represent your scene from the 3rd-person perspective of an onlooker’s phone and then write another version of the scene representing it from your own first-person perspective.

Along with your two versions of the scene, please include a brief description of the two different narrators/perspectives you used.


Wendy’s original, first-person perspective:
The only time I’ve witnessed internet addiction was when recently I’m doing my own thing on my computer and my wifi has been shitty lately so whenever I load a tab, it would blank out for a sec. for that black second I saw my own reflection and I thought “what the hell am I doing with my life? I’m literally sitting here, staring at a screen for hours”, but as soon as my page loaded I continued doing what I was doing. Sometimes or most of the times, I believe that we knowingly do or make mistakes even though we have an idea of what the consequences will be.

First-person plural narration, written from the perspective of “a mystery inside the box”:
Isn’t it funny to watch how this user explodes when we cut the power to Firefox? Such a buggy browser in the first place, so maybe she doesn’t even know it’s us processor chip guys pulling the old “glitchy tab” trick. She probably doesn’t even have a clue that we have access to the USB camera and can watch her grimace as she waits for the content to load. Oh, watch, there she goes… off to check the router situation again. Will these poor humans ever learn that it’s not bad WiFi that’s plaguing them—it’s us?

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  1. For my Narrative-Based Essay I chose two examples from my life. The first was a scene of me and my friend, Selene eating lunch together in high school. The second scene was of one my english class during Junior year.

    Selene’s POV: So yet again Maya sits next to me in total silence; going in between watching anime on Netflix, watching videos on YouTube, reading on her Kindle and texting her sister. Maya’s a good friend but I feel lonely when she doesn’t talk to me. I’m a social creature, I need talk to people and them talk back, but I don’t want to abandon my best friend. Maya definitely cares about me; she’s been a shoulder to cry on and a helper for homework, yet she’s cool with just quietly enjoying the presence of a friend. It’s difficult to know if someone genuinely wants you around when they don’t speak to you but I trust my friend.

    Mrs. Russo POV: As I walk into my classroom and I see my students enjoying their brand new phones; I look at my own phone which I’ve had for three years and think ‘ Is this real life ?’ I have the responsibility to teach the new generation, but here they are leaving me behind. All the lessons I have to offer can really be found for free online. These kids are cheating by having better resources than I did as a child. I’m pregnant and as I look out at my students; they make me wonder if I should allow my future daughter to be as spoiled as my students.

  2. I chose a portion of my essay in which I talk about my online life and interaction with people online.

    Original :
    I was asked to get an app called “Line” in order to keep in touch with everyone. There was one girl who decided to text me out of nowhere and we ended up talking throughout the night. As we became better friends the other guild members noticed and decided to have a little fun teasing us. Now me being the flirt I am decided to joke around alongside them and flirt with her. It was a bit of fun us all we people even joked around with things like getting me a ticket to Hawaii in order to get together with her.

    Edit for third person “omniscient” :
    She’s laughing at the phone pressing a rightful sticker of a blushing random character. Along side her is the laughing of all participants within the chat room “Great Team.” Even though no one can hear the other; that delightful vibe lingers in the air as everyone carries on.Everyone writes “go for it” and “that’s so cute.” The enjoyment of everyone is clearly seen from the two teens and everyone else from the range of 20-30 years old. Each sticker setting the mood. As some say fun no one declares love for what everyone sees is nothing but mindless fun with friends.

  3. Original:first person perspective “My mother an internet addict”

    My mother goes DEAF every time she uses her phone. let me explain, everyday after work my mom has an appointment with her phone. She gets comfortable, Lays on her bed and starts scrolling/typing. Somehow her doing this has some effect on her hearing ability. I sometimes wonder does she have some sort of magical remote where she mute you out or is there an invisible soundproof glass in between us , because whenever i ask her something i get NOTHING back, no response not even a “uh huh”, it’s like i don’t exist. This made me think of internet addiction because people get so drawn in by their phone screen that sometimes they ignore their surrounding, and that can be a problem when walking or driving.

    Third person perspective
    “ misunderstood”

    Drained from her work, Mary walks through the door. Her daughter excitedly greets her. They haven’t seen each other since the morning. Mary went on to clean herself, detoxifying every little stress away. She then laid on her bed, slowly her body relaxes. To entertain herself she takes out her phone. Her daughter walks into the room and interrupt her alone/relaxing time. She starts to ask a millions of questions. Annoyed and short tempered, mary chooses to ignore her daughter since this is the only time she gets to enjoy herself avoiding eye contact with her daughter. She goes back to her phone escaping from her long day and annoying daughter. Her daughter misunderstanding her actions get offended and blindly arrive to the conclusion that her mother is an “internet addict.”

    Writing this I thought about the original post from my mom perspective. How she was feeling and thinking.

  4. A fragment from my essay, “Digital Life”:

    As a boy growing up I would be out of the house most of the time, usually with my friends playing sports such as cricket, football (soccer), or even with toys. As years go by everything started to change, technology started developing more and more. Then cell phones were invented, every one of my friends even I too wanted to own one, but we were unable to because we were young and unemployed.

    The Random but knowledgeable voice from the sky:

    When he was a little boy growing up Amari would spend most of his time out of the house playing soccer or even cricket with his friends other times they would just be playing with toys. Watching the years go by and the technology becoming more and more advanced, Amari witnessed the invention of the cell phone. Amari and his friends were intrigued by this so much so that they all wanted one of their own, but they were still too young, couldn’t even get a job.

  5. Original scene from my point of view: The conversation took place on a Wednesday night, after school. It begins with my mother asking how my day was and in an exhausted manner I respond, “It was okay.” She continued the conversation by telling me about her day. I want to acknowledge her attempt to make conversation, but it comes out as an awkward shift of focus when I ask her, “Did you see the package that came in for Damon yesterday?” She responded “No I’ll ask if he saw it?” and proceeded to reach for her phone. Eyes squinted I ask, “Why didn’t you walk to the room if he’s in the house?” She quickly responds “My show is on.”

    Third person version: It’s 10:00 P.M. on a Wednesday night and Exsavior is just arriving to his home. As he walks into his house he is greeted by his mother followed by the question, ” How was your day?” With an exhausted demeanor he responds “It was okay.” His mother starts talking about her day, but it’s quite evident that Exsavior doesn’t know how to respond. He tries to save face by adding a “That’s crazy,” before quickly shifting topics to a package received a day prior. He asks his mother if she saw the package belonging to his step father but she responds, “No I’ll ask him.” She immediately reaches for her phone to text his stepfather in regards to the package. Exsavior seems to have been taken off guard by her actions because he squints his eyes, with a nod of his head and asks “Why didn’t you just walk the the room if he’s currently in the house?” She casually responds “My show is on.”

    A scene that makes me instantly think of internet addiction would be when me and my friends go out. My coworkers and I tend to always do Sunday brunch but we never actually socialize during the meal. We’re so consumed by a portrayal of a perfect plate picture rather than a heart to heart conversation. I personally put my phone down when I’m around people, a sign of respect. While everyone’s phone is going off and their fingers are typing faster than lightning, I realize how technology has truly consumed us. Lost in the mist of portraying a perfect lifestyle in the virtual worlds of the internet, real friends are slowly disengaging from real life conversations.

    Here I am once again, stuck with Instagram craze, wanna be photographers, food critic girls. Why do I put myself in this position ever darn Sundays. I swear to myself I’ll never do it again and yet here I am. The only dude who dresses really well and is very straight by the way, in this brunch. I feel so out of loop yet very comfortable, everyone is talking about cool filters for their post except for Nathaly. Nat always puts her phone to the side during brunch but doesn’t socialize. Whats the point? She seems more interested in how her food taste rather than how it looks on a Instagram post; we’re clearly related. Am I just as weird even though i’m not going all TMZ on all my meal course. I probably do but hey at least I look good around these girls, Hugh Hefner of the millennial era.

  7. I chose a night back when I was in JA.

    My friends POV:

    “My back and feet are killing me, did you see me in that club?” I said. Sean nodded and we proceeded to the parking lot. Trying to go through the hundreds of people, Sean held my hand and lead the way to the car. Honestly I think he had a little too much fun, never seen him this quiet, was always a talkative lad. Anyways, we are at the car, I went on Snapchat and was scrolling, realizing I didn’t have one picture or video with sean. So I yelled at Sean asking for a picture. He was very tired and impatient, poor guy just wanted to go home but I love to torment. After I got a picture, I grabbed him again to make a pointless video and then I drove her home.

    My POV :

    It’s like 4AM in the morning, party’s over and everyone is going home. Trying to maneuver through the hundreds of people trying to make memories. As I got to the car, one of my friends asked for a picture, mind you I just want to get home . So I’m there posing for this “picture” waiting for the flash to end. “It’s a video silly” , pretty much annoyed so I grabbed the phone, as I looked at the picture I saw her snap story. An endless list of videos of sed party. I know this is 2017 but I never ever went into a party and have time to snap everything. To her it was normal but in the case of IA it can bring up the question of addiction due to what happened.

  8. 7.2 A Scene That Makes You Think: “Internet Addiction”
    original scene:
    Now That we’ve discussed “online addiction” in class I’ve came to the conclusion that I may be addicted to Netflix. It’s scary to admit this but I think it’s the truth. It all started in the summer I pressed on this show that took me back to my childhood it had over 300 episodes I finished it in two months, day and night I spent watching episodes, the people that hit me up got a response from me the next day. Now, I am recently watching “Jane the virgin” oh boy!! it is so great, I can’t tell you how good the show is. I feel like I can’t stop watching. when a episode ends it ends when something big is going to happen, that’s how they capture viewers attention. coming home from work and school, it’s hard to focus on my school work because I feel this sense of anxiety that I have to know what is going to happen next ….so I do watch it, and I totally feel awful having to feel this way for a show that is taking up my time to do HW or study.

    Third person omniscient:
    Now that English 1101 have discussed “online addiction” in class , Kathleen came to the conclusion that she may be addicted to Netflix!!? it’s scary for her to admit it but from the sounds of it I think it’s true. It all started in the summer, Kathleen pressed on a s how that took her back to her childhood it had over 300 episodes and she finished it in two months: day and night she spent watching these episodes, ignoring people who called or texted her, completely shutting herself from social media, but not to worry Kathleen did speak to them… the next day of course..Now, she is recently watching “Jane the Virgin”, she thinks it’s an “oh boy!” but I think it’s an oh no!, as Kathleen watches this show she can’t seem to stop watching it.. hmmm from a glimpse of it’s not bad too, the show seems to have very good endings that make you want to keep watching more.. But anyways! when the addicted Kathleen comes home from work and school, it is hard for her to focus on her school work because she feels this sense of nail biting, anxiety, the urge to know whats going to happen next..I feel the same too.. maybe lets just stop here and get back to the show ” Jane the Virgin”. Until next time on Kathleen’s addiction.

  9. In my English post on 7.2 on internet addiction I wrote about my friend who wanted to use my phone because his phone was broken.

    First person:
    A scene that I witness internet addiction was when my friend broke his phone and he had to wait to get his phone fixed. He kept bugging me to use my phone to go on snapchat so he can do his streaks. when I was like dub you can’t use my phone he got tight. He kept begging me and saying that he had streaks with people for months and he didn’t want to lose it. I was trying to make excuses of how my phone don’t have internet but he wasn’t believing it. He was so annoying that I gave him me phone so he could shut up.

    Third person:
    Ibrahima and George were chilling in the house and George told Ibrahima that his phone was broken. He wasn’t surprise that his phone was broken because he already told George to get a case. Since his phone was broken he decided to ask Ibrahima but he didn’t want to let George use it. He kept making excuses and lies so he wouldn’t lend him the phone. The reason George kept asking was to use snapchat and not lose his streaks. Finally Ibrahima got annoyed and allowed George to finally use it.

  10. In my essay 1, I wrote about a man in the car with his son. His son happen to be using his phone to play a game so i’m guessing the boy got tired of playing that game and went scrolling through his phone, he then said:
    Son:Dad why do you got all these naked pictures in you phone.
    Dad: what you mean why i got naked pictures in my phone, wait why the hell you going through my phone anyway?
    Son: Nah Dad answer my questions though.
    Dad: Boy give my phone before i smack the hell out of you.
    Son: Dad I was looking for my friend # and i ran across theses pictures.
    Dad:If you would have your own phone, you wouldn’t have to worry about my naked pictures.
    Son:Dad i don’t have no money
    Dad: Then you don’t have no right questioning about my phone.
    Son: Well who is Tracy why she the only one you sending them to?
    Dad: OH hell no and you going through my messages too?
    Son: (UGHH) I don’t know why you got naked pictures for you cant see nothing but your belly!!
    This was so funny, little kids are so nosy lol another part was.
    Phone: ewww Why is these little sticky hands on me.
    Net: You worrying about hands on you, Do you not see my memory?
    Phone: Forget Your memory, I constantly get pressed on, drop and wet!
    Net: Galaxy, you not serious right!, My memory is filled with naked pictures of a brown skin man, he always on the web searching females with big butts, disgusting.
    Phone: you can always erase your memory Google, , they don’t even clean my body, its filthy!
    Net:My memory holds a lot. I see everything they do, I could even here their voices, raspy, deep sometimes squeaky and cute.
    Phone: Your memory might hold a lot but my body got so many hand counts its crazy. Don’t let them break me smh I be all mess up then.

  11. In my english essay I talk about the time I tag my girlfriend on a Facebook post and some weird guy commented after which at first really tick me off but later turned out to be a funny memory instead.

    Third person
    Christian was on Facebook scrolling down looking at funny videos and reading statues. He saw this cute post and decided to tag his girlfriend Mariana had noticed she received a Facebook notification she click on the notification ane saw that christian had tag her in a picture one of those couple post that everybody tags there significant other in she smile and commented a heart and a kissy face christisn had saw what she wrote he smiled and love the comment she had left a few minutes later Mariana yells him to check the comments and he noticed a weird guy had left a comment which really got christian upset as he responded negatively to the comment but now christian and Mariana look back on it and laugh

  12. While I am driving I see many drivers addicted to their phone also while thecar is in movement they would watch more their phone then the road this causes danger for the cars and people when the6 are crossing the street one thing that could happen is a car accidentar running over a person just because there was a funny post or message that had to be answered

    While I wait for the light to change to cross the street I see many driver from diferente age range. I see a kid that stands out that isn’t using his phone while driving while other are just staring at the phone and can’t put it down while driving it causes danger for me and other people that cross the street

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