6.2 Defining Internet Addiction

By Wednesday night, please post your definition of internet addiction (IA).  Explain why you’ve defined IA as you have.  If you don’t believe internet overuse should be considered an addiction, you can write a paragraph explaining your reasons instead of a definition.

18 thoughts on “6.2 Defining Internet Addiction”

  1. The definition of internet addiction is “as any online related, compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living conditions and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved one, and ones’s work environment”

    My definition of internet addiction is ” your dependency on anything online related where it affects work, social life, and causes negative conditions on normal life”

    I define internet addiction the way I did because of the dependency you have when you’re online. You won’t be able to stay away from it to long, stopping you from handling your work if you’re in school or if you have a actual job it interferes. This compulsive feeling you get where you just have to be online, I believe that’s online addiction you just focus on making sure you’re doing whatever you have to be online even if it means disregarding the other things that are important.

  2. My definition of internet addiction is someone who is basically addicted to the internet. Like an unhealthy obsession with internet. I think what separates a regular internet user from a internet addict is the way it effects your life. If your internet is controlling or disturbing your normal life then thats where the problem is.
    I dont believe that internet overuse should be consider as an addiction because 1) its not illegal 2) its not hurting anyone. If someone wants to be an internet addict and lets it destroy his life then let him because who are we to judge. Sometimes we just need to mind our own business

  3. My definition of IA is when your internet use gets in the way or makes you not want important things in your life, basic needs. For example if someone uses the internet everyday for good amount of time but is able to let it go with no problem to do whatever the case maybe; whether if it’s to eat, go out, shower…….ect. This person to me is not considered an IA because its not controlling him. However, if this person isn’t able to stop or pushes these basics needs away he or she is now considered a IA to me. Due to the fact that the internet is now somewhat controlling that persons actions.

  4. internet addiction is to feel the need to constantly be on the media, and receiving some sort of satisfaction when doing so.
    When I was writing/thinking of my definition of internet addiction youtube came to mind. I usually be on youtube and am subscribed to some youtubers. So, whenever they post new stuff I feel the need to go on youtube which goes back to my point of needing to “constantly be on the media.” seeing their videos that bring a type of “satisfaction” to me. For example say I was feeling down in any way, after watching the video I would feel motivated.

  5. Internet addiction disorder, more commonly called problematic Internet use (PIU),[1] refers to excessive Internet use that interferes with daily life.[2]via Wiki
    This is a good topic. Internet is highly addicted I believe. The notification just went off, you hurry up and look at your phone or computer, your light on the phone comes on you wonder was that from Facebook, Snapchat or another social site. Dag why am I always picking up my phone, let me put my phone away this phone is contagious,. In school I need my phone in my bag because is distracting. 1000000 of people are online ever sec of the day, talking about something, sharing something, anything, stupid stuff, and fascinating things. Let me be nosey and see what’s going on. The internet give u access to everything and anything. So yes it’s addicted, oh u don’t got wifi I’m losing my mind, dag I didn’t pay my bill let me rush to go do it, I don’t watch tv nomore because I’m always in my phone, I def don’t watch the news, why should I the internet is the new newcaster,
    So these are some thoughts on being addicted to the internet, no need for actually sentences when it comes to the internet all you need is a word, and u have describe a whole sentences lol.

  6. For MY “formal” definition:
    Internet addiction is use of internet in a way that it compels you from stopping at a point where it becomes excessive. Just like any other addiction it can be overuse, unnecessary use, use in a harmful way or to even sometimes just for a sole purpose to get pleasure/satisfaction, and these things do not conclude it.
    Internet Addiction is often determined by observing if you priortize use of internet over other things such as “eating”, homework, work/job, chores etc. Some people say that they are “addicted to” watching “TV Show”s but I never heard a term called TV Show Addiction or Movie Addiction.(open for thoughts)
    Let’s compare a very dominant form of addiction; alcohol. Alcohol is generally thought of as a bad thing to consume, as it definitly affects you in a harmful way. Same way a cigarette affects one’s lungs and can lead to death. The (misuse of)Internet I think can lead a person to something worse than these. Or at least that’s what they show us in the movies. Internet Addiction however, has somewhat different affects; It can weaken your thinking, worsen your eyesight, consume your valuable time, make your loved one’s mad at you(or vice versa).
    I think that all consumption of internet should not be conidered bad or it should not be called addiction. Someone can be Addicted to watching live stream of their favourite team. Which he can do by going to the stadium but then it would be referred to as passion for sports. Someone can be Addicted to watching Sherlock Holmes. Which he can read in a book and that would be referred to Hobby of book reading. Someone can be Addicted to sharing his views/thoughts using social media. Which he can do by a speech or addressing people in some other way but than again it would not be an addiction just because it is on the Internet. Internet USAGE is a word that has lost it’s true meaning because it is being portrayed to us as a villain.

  7. IA ( internet addiction ) can actually be brutal. My definition of internet addiction is when someone doesn’t seem to control themselves nor aren’t themselves if they’re not online or connected.

    IA can be just as addicting as a drug. I personally find myself always on my phone. Truthfully the first thing I check when I wake up in the morning is my phone and vise-versa at night.
    The sense of missing out on something when you’re trying to limit yourself from the internet usually arises. A typical natural move I developed throughout the years is glancing at my phone even if I don’t have any notifications. IA gives people the feeling that without the internet our daily routine isn’t completed. After a long day in the millennial years, relaxing typically would be lounging back and catching up on the latest post on Instagram or Facebook. Somehow, we tend to always find ourselves using the internet and browsing nonsense. Lastly, it gives us a sense of stability on so many levels, which may differ too; whether its googling an answer or looking into celebrity gossip.

  8. If you get to a point where you can’t live without internet or you feel like it’s the only thing that can give you joy. When you tend to use it as a way of isolation by avoiding to interact with friends and family. When you are always thinking about your internet activities and mistake who you are for your online identities. When you spend too much time on the internet whether it’s online video games, online gambling, chat rooms or social media to the point you feel moody and angry if you are cut off from it. If these are your behaviors then I personally think you are addicted to the internet.

  9. My definition of internet addiction is when someone falling in love with the internet without any control to achieve he/she’s satisfaction. I describe it this way because falling in love with something is to put more energy on something, and you will more likely to spend more time on it . For example, if someone is described as internet addiction, she/he will more likely to spend more time on the internet than their normally do during their daily activities. I know there are a lot of people who have internet addiction especially if you go on Facebook at four in the morning, you will see lots of your friends are still active. Most of the time not because of they’re wakeful, it’s because they’re addicted to the internet for personal purpose such as gambling, shopping and etc.

  10. Do you feel preoccupied with the internet?. Do you spend increasing amounts of time on the internet?. Have you lied to a family member for the internet…etc blah blah blah. Internet addiction isnt a thing to me because I feel that you need the internet for everything just like you need money for everything. The internet says that internet addiction is compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment, It completely dominates the addict’s life. And how did I find out this information?….Through the internet…How am I even on this blog post right now?. So does it mean I’m causing stress to my family and friends that I’m doing my homework?. That brings me to the internet and social media, as my parents would have corrected me saying ” No we never said you couldn’t use the internet for work, work is important. Its all that social media stuff”. People use social media to find out important information to not just for socializing. half of the reasons we find out things is from social media, Facebook, instagram, twitter and so on. Internet addiction is getting your work done, finding out information. I don’t think theres such thing as internet addiction, but if there is I am surely the definition. I lied to my parents saying I had homework to do just to stay on social media and talk to my friends for the rest of the night. Ive been to the stage where I act like I was nothing without social media, well snapchat. I didnt get to finish homework because I was so stuck on the internet. I had arguments and was ignored because of being as they said obsessed with the internet(social media). When I’m in my bag(feelings), or wanna throw subs I go straight to the internet. so I guess I’m a IA, if there was such a thing.

  11. Internet addiction is defined as: “Internet addiction is defined as any online-related, compulsive behavior which interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, and one’s work environment. Internet addiction has been called Internet dependency and Internet compulsivity.”
    personally i feel internet addiction can be in a way that does not necessarily have to impact your family as well. I believe that Internet addiction is more when you religiously go on social media or when you rely on the internet for everything. For example when anyone wakes up and their first instinct is to check their social media. As for relying on the internet for everything could be anything such as, looking up current events for the world instead of just watching the news or getting a newspaper. There is an abundance of kids who are addicted to the internet to the point that even when they on the train or walking from class to class or just walking on the street are on social media. Just the other day I was having a full blown conversation with my friend about our jobs and what we do not like about it and he was on instagram the entire conversation. Even though he did listen to me and did actually get into the conversation i felt as though he was not really into the conversation because of his lack of communication skills. personally it could just be me because many people have conversations like that but, I was taught growing up eye contact could make a conversation with someone 1000 times better or just plain ol weird lol.
    p.s i posted this late i had to run a few errands after school today and got home late I am mentally and physically tired, goodnight everyone and if i get picked to read this good afternoon class hope you enjoyed my opinion on this controversial topic. oh i almost forgot have a great weekend and a good Columbus day (yay no class :D)

  12. I don’t think their is an addiction to people using the Internet constantly. People are always able to explore on the internet with their phones and your phone is 99 percent of the time with you. We could use our phone to check what going on in the world, the weather and many more. Professor Street said it really isn’t an addiction when we need the internet for a lot of the things we do during our day. If it is a reliable resource why do we have to call it an addiction?

  13. I believe that Internet Addiction is when someone is so attached to their phone & computer that they can’t go a day without looking at their screens, and will literally cry without it.I honest don’t think Internet Addiction is a real problem as technology is a valuable tool for the world, it helps us with everything, and the point of human beings is to improve the world around us. We’ve already reached dependency, as in spite of being an old generation man, Professor Street, you yourself make us use the Internet everyday, even though you don’t know whether all of us own a computer. Honestly whether it’s on your phone or computer, the Internet is a wonderful and necessary gadget that helps us with work and pleasure.

  14. The definition of internet addiction to me is one who can’t stop staring at it’s social media at all times, even when it’s not needed to look at. Also, one who is anxious to leave his phone away for at least an hour even if the person already checked it’s social media to pleasure themselves (any type of way). That to me is internet addiction. In the movie Her Theodore shows this addiction towards an AI Samantha, whenever he feels lonely and feels like he needs to talk it out he goes to Samantha; that one day that Samantha did not respond and he went crazy showed that it was an addiction (she is a drug to him ), if he didn’t hear her at all who knows how the scene would of ended, but it just shows he would do anything to get to hear her again. Same for game addicts and online addicts they need some sort of pleasure feeling to make themselves feel wanted or relaxed ( I assume).

  15. From snapping the frat parties to having near to dead silence in a room of millennials, IA is not really an addiction but more of a way of life. Nowadays, it is so difficult to operate with the internet. You can’t be one of those people who say “I don’t have to keep up” or “I’m too old” because the others around you are going to leave you behind and no one wants to be left behind. We do homework, work, play, communication all over the internet.Think about it, as time progress technology changes, fashion changes, buildings change and even people change so the world of the internet is simply a change and not a addiction. Can’t live in the Stone Age forever.

    Sean Kelly.

  16. What I would define internet addiction as is the overuse of the internet to the point where others find it concerning. It’s no lie that almost everyone uses the internet aside from say the amish but you can spend close to a whole day on the internet and still be successful and sustainable. Its only a problem once others see it as a problem and become concerned. Sure sometimes people game to the point where they don’t eat to the point where they’re sitting 10 some hours a day and start experiencing body issues. Fact of the matter is some people see these things even me sometimes but after that I catch on and say “hey i need to eat, let me take a break” or stretch but more often or not people who are addicted still won’t bother to eat or stretch while even though they have the same situation the next day will still refuse to take necessary precaution. So it’s not really an addiction if you just use it and realize that you do need a break whenever the internet is not really needed but if others around you start to notice problems and it’s due to over usage of the internet then that’s a big issue.

  17. I think the turning point for internet usage to become an internet addiction, is when using the internet is starting to have a negative effect on your daily life. And to be frank the amount of usage that is seeming to be the new norm so it might be easy to mistake allot of internet time as an addiction. However, that isn’t the case. A good example of internet addiction is when it would be depriving you of an outside relationship changing you physically (health wise) etc..

  18. In my opinion internet addiction doesn’t become a real thing until one is depriving themselves of necessities in order to either get on the internet or stay on the internet. For example ignoring the fact that you have to work to survive in order to stay home and watch videos on Facebook or ignoring the fact that you’re hungry and haven’t bathed in days to stay outside of your neighbor’s house and steal their wifi. The internet can be analogized to a chair. Everybody gets on them, where available, but when you stay on for too long you get fat and start to stink. ( Best analogy of 2017. 10/10 )

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